Monday, July 29, 2013

It Does?

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  1. Come on grammarcunts – point out that it should be “Titanic” and not “the Titanic”.

  2. It should be ‘Titanic’ and not ‘the Titanic’

  3. It should be “the movie, Titanic,” and not “the Titanic.”

  4. God willing, some day you will, OP.

  5. I hope she does. I also hope she finds her “Jack”. But, this time i hope Jack has also seen this movie, Titanic, and would instead allow her to jump off the back of the boat instead of saving her selfish ass.

  6. Please do.

  7. Betty P. Phipps

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  8. Personally I’d rather go on the Carnival shit-in-a-bag cruise.

  9. A friend tried to convince me once that the Titanic was a real ship that really did sink!! Silly guy…

  10. I hope she remembers to take out travel insurance before she sets sail.

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