Friday, September 10, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Just divorced ftw. The rest are lame

  2. The Fresh Cut Penis one is sooooo old and overshared.

  3. Missing:

    Lamebook’s will to live.

    If found please return immediately. You will be rewarded with posts that have current and relevant content that might actually cause chronic giggling and could possibly inspire intellectual conversation.

  4. lame. I’ve seen STOP Hammer-time signs

  5. I totally loled at the last one. The rest were all rubbish though.

  6. way to fail on the name blur in the first one lamebook

  7. If you people don’t like the quality of lamebook posts, why don’t you go on facebook and create some stupidity (or troll it up) that can be posted here, instead of posting your stupidity here?

  8. @mad2physicist – you’re right we can never be pleased. our hookers and dealer always tell us the same shit

  9. So congrats Shannon Menard on your divorce!

  10. That is a very unattractive family.

    Someone had to say it.

  11. Maybe your hookers and dealers lamebookpro, mine however are quite pleasing and compliant. I’ll pass a card your way if you’d like.

  12. Hello word my love, long time no chat! I always seems to miss you.

  13. #2 reminds me of that awesome Australian show We Can Be Heroes, where Nathan would give the finger in every single photo.

    I read yesterday that Chris Lilley has a new mockumentary out next March, and that’s far, far better than anything in this post. Or anything ever. EVER. That man can have my first born child (not a promise).

    Don’t Stop Believin? Seriously? That’s worth putting on the site?

  14. LOL wordpervert, my sentiments exactly. I’m sure they are from a very classy stock too if that one twat in the back is gonna ‘bird’ the camera at a relative’s funeral.

  15. ee, it’s good to see you.

    Chris Lilley is a genius. Summer Heights High is another of his masterpieces.

  16. word, I was hoping you’d know who he was. Am watching that show right now. 🙂

  17. I love him so much, Hobo.

  18. @eenerbl – pass that card my way. I can never have too many hookers and dealers on speed dial

  19. holy shit, that is one fugly family. The last one was pretty funny, even though I too have seen the STOP Hammertime sign before. I totally have that Journey song stuck in my head: Reminds me of Spring Break 2010 😀

  20. That Journey song was the last song played in the final episode of The Sopranos. That’s why I love it.

  21. way to go lamebook, shannon menard probably got about 50 friend requests.

  22. Yeah, at first I didn’t notice the double bird and I thought it was just posted because of the overall fugly-family thing…

  23. There are stops signs in the US (I forget where exactly) that are installed with smaller signs to make fun phrases. Ex: little sign says “don’t”, normal stop sign in the middle, then a little sign that says “belieeeevin”. Dddtl sounds like they’ve seen the hammertime version.

    @ Wordymyperv

    They now sing it at L.A. Dodger baseball games too – the song is usually the best part about going 😉

  24. lol new jersey

  25. Sure thing lamebookpro, I aim to please.

  26. The stop sign joke is a bit lame, but that song sure is awesome! Everytime I hear it I think of Scrubs.

  27. @britishhobo –
    I live in Jan Juc/Torquay/Bells, where Chris Lilley was filming his new tv show a few months ago. Only learned the week after that it was him – I so woulda crashed his outdoor sets had I known!!! (nothin much exciting happens down here except surfing)

  28. Personally I thought the funeral one was great.

  29. mad2physicist, I reckon the fugly family IS the reason it’s posted. The dude at the back is incidental.

  30. I just seen a fat kid on TV. And he weighed more than me, a full grown fat adult. And he was american.

  31. You know what I’m a bit surprised about? I’ve never seen a “in the name of love” on a stop sign. I feel a little disappointed.

    Not nearly as disappointed as when I read these posts, but oh well.

  32. Ah, street signs given a comedic boost.
    Near where I live there is a pub (yay) and the cross street is Angove Street.
    Imagine my delight when I saw someone had added an “H” and the beginning and an “R” at the end of that particular sign.

  33. ahmayzinggrace, you’d have to write it so small, no one would be able to see and appreciate it.

  34. Good point. Well damn, now I have less to hope for.

  35. Funeral photos always turn out awful. The automatic reaction is to smile when you get your picture taken, but in the context of a funeral people get this i’m-really-upset-and-trying-not-to-smile fugly hybrid expression.

  36. I’ve actually only ever seen Hammertime and Live Animal Exports so at least Believin is different.

    Still no name blur, lamebook?

    I’m glad there was a caption for the penis one coz I could not figure it out.

    re: Chris Lilley – I’m so glad they’re not doing an American version of Summer Heights High, especially after the american kath and kim! Not that I’m a kath and kim fan, though.

  37. oh, and #9 – I doubt she is the one getting divorced. If that’s her car, I worry about how she took the photo =S

  38. I LIKED the last one! I thought it was funny as hell. You guys are waaaay to negative.

    And the fugly family one made me laugh too.

  39. Lol family at the funeral.

    Also nice job blurring out Shannon’s name…

  40. Don’t see why Shannon’s name needs to be blurred out. She (he?) only took the picture; she isn’t the one getting the divorce.

  41. The guy ‘flipping the bird’ looks like he has something else stuck up…. right up the girl in the middle’s arse.

    Her expression tells us she knows it’s wrong but that she likes it a little bit anyway.

  42. okay so i am shannon menard .. and no im not divorced. i took the pic on the highway and yes someone found me on fb to tell me the pic was on lamebook .. which is weird in itself. but yeaaaaa i thought it was kinda funny to see that while drivin.

  43. The stop sign was great…..everything else…..meh.

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