Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Night

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  1. First one was mildly funny yet fake.

    2nd was dumb and fake.

    3rd was just fake.

  2. T1000, I laughed when I read the first one, then I saw your comment and my heart broke… Life is such a roller coaster.

  3. Of course it’s fake. He was telling a joke for Christ’s sake. Who cares, it was funny.

  4. I fail to understand your logic.

  5. The third one’s great.

  6. I thought the first and third were good stuff.

  7. First one was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, it’s not pretending to be real, it’s a joke! And a damn good one.
    Second one… what?!
    Third one was funny. And has given me ideas for my future conquests.

  8. She must not have been that good

  9. serves luc right. if he could remember her name he would be able to track his playstation down.

  10. if he doesn’t know which girl it was, why even assume it was a girl?
    there is something Luc is not telling us, here. he clearly doesn’t really want our help in the recovery of his obsolete gaming console.

  11. I had a Wii once. Not one girl came to steal it.

  12. t1000. do us all a favor and contribute. we are dying to know your real personality.

  13. ^what is this ‘we’ horseshit?
    i’d like the record to show that i couldn’t disagree more strenuously.

  14. Sisqi, correct. You are quite literally dying to know my personality.

    Msanne, you are fake.

  15. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The Tagalog language spoken by the indigenous people of the Philipines has two versions of the word “we”; one which includes the listener and one which doesn’t. Sisqi has gone a step further and developed a use for the word “we” which doesn’t include anyone else at all; which is weird given that “I” already performs that function.

  16. Oh see you guys can pretend all you like but i know that deep down inside, (feels like you ate bad pizza) if you could hook up a webcam for just 5 minutes in t1000’s mother’s basement you would open up a whole new world of cyborg mega nerd troll fodder. I got 5 bucks for anyone that can name the poster directly behind him on the webcam.

  17. that’s not a poster. it’s a family time-table with a stickynote from his mom to clean his room.

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