Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Point

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  1. First? Yurp

  2. themanwhosoldtheworld

    Proudness overwhelmes me when reading your comment. Proudness triples upon reading your name.

  3. ColostomyExplosion

    Urgh, that third one is practically stolen from South Park. Whenever I come here these days, it’s just Sickipedia and jokes from TV shows. Only the photos are worth it now.

  4. ColostomyExplosion, I think this may mean that you watch too much Southpark and/or use the internet too much. If you have any original humour that cannot be found online then we’d all love to hear it. 3,2,1, GO!

  5. ColostomyExplosion

    Having a memory =/= spending too much time on the internet/watching TV shows.

  6. ^ I saw that one on Who’s The Boss about twenty years ago, and it wasn’t funny then, either. Try again, Colostomy.

  7. @themanwhosoldtheworld

    Bowie or Nirvana?

  8. ColostomyExplosion

    That doesn’t even make sense.

  9. Where the hell is ms.anne? Someone has to stop this non sense.

  10. It’s “nonsense.”

  11. non sense is itself

  12. #9, what the fuck am i supposed to do?

  13. Heard it, heard it, heard it

  14. themanwhosoldtheworld

    @ Asstomouth, Lyrics: Bowie. Sound: Nirvana

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