Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Save

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  2. Wow, Steeever, you’re still here? That’s dedication, man.

  3. lolz @ lulz

  4. lulz @ dragon74

  5. Is it fashionable to have your underclothes riding above the pants?

  6. Hawkbit, define ‘fashionable’.

  7. Fuck…the spam 🙁
    Anyway, yes, he obviously finds it fashionable, who the fuck are you to judge? He perhaps thinks, “Are thick rimmed glasses, sported by a heavily overweight, sweat-covered, outdated, unfunny, internet troll, fashionable?”

  8. crustylovelips, sweetie, who gives a flying fuck what he *perhaps* thinks about a hypothetical stereotype? Just look at him, ffs.
    Ya like stereotypes? Well, he’s the living definition of ‘douche’.

  9. thrope? how is he a douche? let alone the definition. seems just like some young guy trying to take care of his body and proud of it. and i do happen to find his response to the jealous friend’s minor dig pretty creative.

    i just don’t think there is enough context to classify this kid as a douche. at all.

  10. There is ‘trying to take car of your body’.
    And there is
    “OMG!!1! I’m the spitting image of Adonis! Look at me, everyone! Here! Look! Look at ME! HOT OR WHAT?! Oh yeah, I’m fucking sizzling. Hsssssss.”

  11. *care.

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