Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Grandpa Gets An iPhone

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  1. I need this man’s name so I can send him a friend request!

  2. I think that’s Dick Cheney

  3. They look about as sexy with the duck face, too.

  4. how the fuck would this Irish asshole even know about duck face? did he already have a Facebook account? is he missanthrope?

  5. ^^get back in the kitchen.

  6. ^^stfu

  7. Not really sure how you can tell he’s Irish from the photo? Or are you stereotyping because his head looks like a potato? He sure is an ugly fucker.

  8. He must have seen your Facebook page, JennySlade.

  9. crusty, it was a call back to the Irish asshole post 3 down, Jesus H Christ…

  10. Oh, so now I’M Irish?

  11. Types like a teenager, that’s for sure.

  12. I bet gramps would love his wrinkly cock inside some teenage taint and throat. Gotta show them whores how anal stretching is done.

  13. Ohhhhh so you expect people to cross reference to understand your shit joke? It’s in my nature to be lazy.
    Also, Elsior, if you’re sticking your dick in a woman’s throat, you’re not going to be stretching her sphincter. If it’s you, you’ll just be tickling her two front teeth. Fuck off you daft little virgin.

  14. fuckface, they were posted on the same day, so you would of read them both within minutes of each other. Don’t blame me if your pot addled brain can’t understand the comedic intricacies of the time honored tradition of the call back.

  15. I wanna party with that guy!

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