Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grandpa Troll

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  2. Wes, don’t do storytelling. Ever. Again. Oh, and then when you don’t so it ever again, also don’t self-submit it to lamebook, you fucking tool.
    The end.

  3. A bit of punctuation sure would have made that a little easier to read.

  4. Blindness is a scam that’s been around long before Nigerian Internet kings. There’s no such thing. The reason more people don’t do it is because you have to be incredibly good at keeping a straight face when people wave their hands in your face and other silly shit to test you.

  5. Oh no – misspelt the web address *forthis

  6. What’s a steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeerrrrrr?

  7. ^ Someone who likes to fist himself.

  8. It’s good to have you back, rightbrain3. ♥

  9. ^i know, right?
    when she left i was all 🙁
    but because she left bacchante a goodbye message, and not me, i just thought “fuck her, then.”
    but i’m not holding any grudges now.

  10. ^ Why you gotta be like that? Can’t you just be happy that I found a friend? You’re always so tetchy, man.

    rightbrain, we’re ecstatic to have you back xox


    Anyway, did Wes refer to himself as a good young lady?

  11. ^ Either referring to Wes as a lady was the old man was doing a hell of a job selling the idea that he was blind OR Wes is a lady who changed her name to Wes in order to not be found by you creeps. But I doubt that based on her frequent use of the word “anyway”

  12. jesus, bacchante. why do you always have to start with this shit in public? why can’t you just act like a proper woman?
    I said I wasn’t holding any fucking grudges, didn’t I? what more do you want me to fucking well say? that I’m happy for you?
    want me to just tear my heart right out and stomp on it? would THAT make you happy, you unbearable bloody harpy?

  13. Yes. Yes, it would 🙂

  14. “As I was taking out the rubbish this morning…”

    Quagmire would not approve. No giggity for this twat.

  15. now you have to go and dance slutty with a brutish-looking biker.

    look, it’s in the script.

  16. @8 Thanks, Franky. My morning brew wasn’t the same without the musings of MsAnne and Bacc. How fucked up is that?!

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