Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chop What?

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  1. Thought it was summer in Israel.

  2. Autocorrect? Yet ‘practical’ is wrong and Apple products always correct it to ‘iphone’.

  3. Ahem.. ‘iPhone’

  4. Ha ha! Autocorrect changed “lick” to “chop.”

  5. right. it’s finally wednesday there, so who won that cool caption contest?
    don’t leave a bitch hangin’.

  6. I can smell desperation for attention. That’s right…you up there MsAnne.

  7. I hope Bacchante won, her entry was def the best.

  8. I voted for it three times, so I hope so, too.

  9. …and I’m ignoring you crusty. that was out of order, young man. is that how we address each other here?

  10. Fake.

  11. I can’t do this anymore – god damnit you’ve changed! On the positive however, at least we have these neato little thumbs to express our dis/pleasure for when words just won’t suffice.

  12. …whore

  13. go and fuck your mother, you limey cunt.

  14. 😀

  15. *slimey cunt?

  16. And BOOM, I’m happy again. I love you angry bastards so much!

  17. How’s the rugrat, crusty? Are you and the missus getting any sleep?

  18. Kay bitch likes cut dick, I see. Dirty bitch.

  19. Bacchante you god damn human you! But pretty awesome thanks, he goes to sleep at 9pm after his last feed and wakes up at 9am. So I guess to all the tired parents out there, what I’m trying to say is, while I’m not perfect, you could all learn vast amounts from me.

  20. Oh, and while I’m gunna decline your suggestion, I did fuck my babies momma just last night. She was sweatier than a glass blower’s arse crack by the time we were done.

  21. ^great. thanks for that image.
    I’m trying to get quietly drunk here, and now I get images of sweaty, pallid, vanilla, suburban married sex.

    I feel so unclean.


  23. Glad to hear it, crusty 🙂

    (…the stuff about the bubba, not the sweaty rutting so much)

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