Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rolling Back Prices…a little.

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  1. Get it now, because it will never be this price again!

  2. Congressman Todd Akin’s campaign account pays another google click through.

  3. This is uninteresting, so I would like to say I looked back at my post from yesterday and feel validated by the number of thumbs ups and lack of thumbs down…so thumbs up to u, random people of the interwebs, thumbs up to u

  4. Well now I’ll just go kill myself

  5. dammit.
    well, looks like you’ll never know the awesomeness that just failed to post.

    suck it.

  6. it was really good, too.
    not like the shitty, second-rate awesomeness I usually post. this was quality.

  7. ^I don’t believe you.

  8. And where is this store that lavishes such prices upon its customers?

  9. Y’all made me chuckle today. Good for you.

    @frankie, that there’s good ol’ Walmart (I believe that little sun thing in the upper left corner is theirs).

  10. I work at Walmart, they do this on purpose cause it gets posted online. free advertising for them cause retards think this is funny.

  11. ^ I don’t know whether to tell you to keep your day job, or quit it and try your hand at stand-up comedy. Either way, someone will probably break both your legs.

  12. Thanks Nails, but mine was a rhetorical question. I was making da punz.

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