Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That’s A Rap

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  1. I say this as constant user of Lamebook.

    Get a fucking life, Sam.

  2. Good job Franky baby! Get ‘m! Make teh landlubber walk zee plank!

  3. sam needs a hobby.

  4. Sam is incorrect on the third word. It should be “you’re,” not “your.”

  5. What do you suggest, Ms.? I think the first thing mr ‘I think I’m slicker than shit’ needs to do is try to lose his virginity. Probably worth noting that the grammar nazi thing isn’t going to help. Most girls don’t dig extremest pricks like that.

  6. I have a good hobby. It’s called murder.

  7. ^You go through a literal fuck-ton of quarters at the arcade don’t you T?

  8. Grammar Nazi aaaaannd Trekkie. Crocs and a sweater vest?

  9. ” ” ” ”
    asthmatic and obese?

  10. Dear Sam,
    *It’s. You failed your first test as a Grammar Nazi.

  11. “Right off the top my head” is far from perfect grammar. Definite grammar nazi fail.

  12. Nana’s favorite and constant eye contact?

  13. ^well when you put it like that, of course it is going to sound creepy.

  14. As much as I hate me some Ebonics and ghetto-speak, I just can’t stand to see Sam give grammar Nazis a bad name everywhere.
    And THEN, on top of that, he fucking self-submits it.
    Good job on life, Sam.

  15. polkadotrobot has too much time on their hands for reading all that bullshite.

  16. that shits hella funny

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