Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gurl U R CrZy Lame


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  1. I’m trying to work out if this is me and my friend!

  2. Jessica. Do you recall responding “Girl you are crazy!” to a post by your friend, Namely, Nicole, that may have been similar, perhaps even exactly the same as this particular Nicole’s post? If so, this may just be you and your friend. Just a quick grammar tip…my friend and I.

  3. Actually, Jessica is right.
    It’s ‘me and my friend’, not ‘my friend and I’…

  4. AnonymousBastard

    God damn it Adrienne

  5. “my friend and me”

    Get it right, y’all.

  6. What are the odds!? I like being fat and white too.

  7. Lindsay’s comment is the funniest. What a shit friend, shes basically agreeing her friend is Fat and White, but its ok coz she is also Fat and White. Even thier Blurred photos are fat and white… haha Fat and white

  8. “Actually” is correct. If you were to say it the most proper and polite way, you actually would say “my friend and me”, even though it may sound a little odd!

  9. Pretty sure that she’d still be a misfit during meals as her “supermodelesque friends” probably don’t inhale pounds of food like air being sucked through a jet engine. Fatty.

  10. @9- Shut the hell up, jackass, or I’ll round up all the fatties I know to come sit on you. But you’d probably like it a bit too much.

  11. Did he hit a nerve Steph?

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