Monday, August 16, 2010

Gut Checks

More Security Check fails here and here!

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  1. These can’t be real…

  2. They’re all different. All of them coming from Facebook. They could of done a better job than that.

    Lamebook FAIL!

  3. They look legit to me.

    Also *could have. How does ‘could of’ even make sense?

  4. Guess it’s time to verify my account.


  5. It is okay my child, we all make mistakes.

  6. I have seen some dirty ones myself, need to start sending them in

  7. People use different web browsers depending on the type of computer they have. That is why they look different. Think a little.

  8. I’m not sure about the first 3, but I’ve seen the last one somewhere. And by “somewhere”, I mean “on lamebook”.

  9. I’ll admit it: “coots in”? I don’t get it.

  10. @ 9

    ‘in coots’ refers to any act in which two or more vaginae are complicit.

    i’m not sure about ‘coots in’, however. :-/

  11. Does it matter? It involves two vagina!

  12. Last week, I got one that said “Long Pooh”. I did a screen shot of it, and I had to look about 5 times to make sure that’s what it said. These are funnier than mine, however.

  13. @alordslums, I hereby approve of your plural word “vaginae”

  14. flame

  15. zelda, send it in. I’ll be you everything I have in my pockets right now that they put it up.

  16. @alordslums & @briechez

    I think #2 and #3 go together (they both have filled-in text boxes): coots in moms bush — probably lice and not waterfowl.


    “could of” is a colloquial form of “could have,” pronounced the same as “could’ve”

  17. I’m not buying the ‘humping grandchildren’ one. But, I suppose everyone has to have a hobby

  18. Nice bet hobo. Don’t make the bet zelda. He makes you reach in the pocket to get at whats in there. And it aint money!

  19. I shall pray for you my children.

  20. saunkhogben: Maybe you were being ironic, but “could of” is not a colloquialism. It’s just really incorrect.

    However, I have been wrong before and will apologize if you can show me an entry at a reputable source. And no, Urban Dictionary is not reputable. 🙂

  21. @briechez: One of the Merriam Webster Online definitions of “colloquial” is “unacceptably informal,” which is what I was going for. You’re more likely to hear “could of” at a KKK rally than a MENSA meeting, where it would definitely be termed incorrect. 🙂

  22. @saunkhogben

    No, I wouldn’t call it a colloquial form, but rather a mistake made by those who don’t understand the English language.

  23. I was thinking could’ve and put could of. I am a bit of a grammar nazi myself. No matter how you slice it, I was wrong.

  24. Besides, there is fondled wiener up there.^^^ We are worried about my misspellings.

  25. Oh hell I did it again…smh

  26. @defectiveuser
    I’m a grammar nazi too, but it riles me when sources like flatly state that “could of does not exist.” It obviously does (at least here in the Ozarks), linguistically if not grammatically. In accurately transcribing dialogue, “could of” can be just as appropriate as “ain’t” under certain (very, very casual) circumstances.

  27. Are you talking about Party Cove when you say Ozarks by chance?

  28. Yep, I’d say Party Cove is ’bout as casual as it gets ’round here.
    I’m on the other side of the Mason-Dixon, though.

  29. Ahhh so many great memories! I don’t even know where to begin. Not to mention I’m sure Lamebook would moderate me if I did.

    I’m a few hours north of you. I go down there quite a bit.

  30. I love my extended family, but humping grandchildren, aunts, uncles, or even a cootsin just seems wrong. The thought of mom’s bush is usually enough to lead to a fondled wiener.

  31. It wasn’t dad’s wiener was it?

  32. He always wanted me to play an instrument, so the least I can do is practice on that old rusty trombone.

  33. I try not get too riled up about grammar, especially during relaxed conversation, but to be taken seriously I think proper English should be used. People do judge people on how they talk.

  34. I always enjoyed the sound of Dirty Sanchez No.9. It’s one of my favorites.

  35. Quite by coincidence my Moms Bush is overlaying a distorted black hole too.

  36. Eww… mom’s bush.

    Everyone is a grandchild of someone, what’s the problem?

  37. lol so indeed we have all humped grandchildren 😉

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