Monday, November 16, 2009

H1N1 upped


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  1. I never get vaccinated against flu. so i’ll be safe from that particular bio-warfare…

    what precisely are we supposed to do with that information anyway?! quiver in our boots? who gives a shit if one (unnamed) doctor thinks it’s true (last line)?

  2. Cpt BrownSauce Sandwich

    @Lulz i didnt read click the link but i saw westwood in it….they adding this shit too the new command and conquer game thats out in 1998?! or they gonna pimp my ride with it UK style?!

  3. Did Ty just top her own Monday?!

  4. As someone who has been suffering from Gulf War Syndrome which is caused by the a squalene in the anthrax vaccine, I am against anything government mandated.

    I was also lucky enough to catch H1N1, even with my suppressed immune system it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had worse cases of food poisoning.

    Sheeple just follow behind each other, baaaa.

  5. I don’t get vaccinations eithers, fuck that shit. I’m part of the 10% of the population that survives without em because of the other 90% that gets em 🙂

  6. @55 your suppressed immune system probably saved you. H1N1 isn’t lethal itself it’s the way people’s bodies overreact that kills you.

  7. Second Ty is a bit of a douchewad.
    Sure, it’s sad that his uncle died, but that pretty much leaves first ty with nothing to say other than “Uh, sorry man, I feel like a dick now” thus feeling bad for something that wasn’t even his fault.
    If the two unfortunate incidences had been the other way round however…

  8. Everyone has their own crosses to bear on facebook.

  9. Rough life.

    My Monday was pretty damn peaceful.

  10. #56 Me too!

  11. Kill the pork industry 🙂

  12. Oh pity 😀 :D..well can’t be worse lol!! But I think I already have h1n1 :S

  13. @45 It must be a strange, miserable life, living in fear of the Jew boogieman, getting sick every winter because you refuse to get a flu shot.

    Back to the topic at hand… What are the odds two people named Ty would be friends?

  14. I never have, and (hopefully) never will have a flu shot, of any kind. Funny how all my friends and family who do get the shot get the flu within weeks of having it. 😛 Maybe the plan is to arm your immume system against it by infecting you with it? Meh.. but I rarely suffer flu, and even then not for very long.

    And can I point out that many times the amount of people die from regular flu than that of swine flu (I was told something like 200,000 per year normal flu, 5,000 swine flu, not sure exact figures). WHY is everyone making such a big deal of it? You don’t worry that you’re gonna die when you get the normal flu, but the very real fact is you have a much higher chance of dying from it than swine flu! And not to mention any other bugs that go around – I mean, hey, you can die from vomitting, etc. (I nearly did), but that is more of an inconvenience to us than a death threat.

    I feel for the people who have lost loved ones to the virus, but I ask everyone to put this in perspective, and rather than swearing at me calling me a loony, take time to think that what I’m saying is just common sense. Getting hyped and scared about something like this is just silly. There’s more to life than getting an injection so you don’t die from some new bug. A life lived in fear is a miserable life indeed.

  15. @ Lucinda – I think you’ve got lost. The discussion board you were looking for is here:

    This isn’t the best, but it’s pretty lame. It like Ty#2 is actually bragging about his uncle’s death. Not really something to one-up about. That’s lame – well done.

  16. “Maybe the plan is to arm your immume system against it by infecting you with it?” correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that what a vaccine is?
    I will place money on the fact that your friends and family who have the flu shot actually get a cold afterwards and not the flu.
    As for calling it H1N1 instead of swineflu I don’t think that’s reached the UK yet beca\use we’re still calling it swine flu

  17. It’s still “pig flu” here in Aus 😀


  19. Just wanna say that it sucks not to live in the US :/ I have to wait all day to finally see the new posts.
    And I’m 70th ,that’s 69 with a finger up my ass.

  20. @ KB – I’m UK, and I’m calling it piglet flu. Sounds cuter. Although if it does become popular over here to refer to it as H1N1, I shall be taking my lead from Gold Dust Woman and calling it High Nye. Sounds classier.

  21. Please Ty again!!!

  22. It’s possible first Ty has a new trivial woe-is-me complaint every day and 2nd Ty is making a statement.

  23. Why don’t we just start calling it “Hamthrax”?

  24. @jCo


  25. Lulz – get a life

  26. My uncle got his driver side window broken, but the auto glass repairman got H1N1 and died.

  27. if your uncle died from h1n1 he was a weak human, deserved death, sorry

    i think they just topped it together

  29. I still think 1st Ty got it worse, uncles don’t cost to be replaced, they’re free in the first place

  30. wow i stumbled onto this by mistake and almost wet myself through laughter!!!

  31. My uncle died of choking on the £280 he tried charging me for replacing a window, coincidence that.

  32. WikidJuggaloPanda

    from what i can tell of the pixelated pictures it does look exceptionally similar. i think its the same ty as well

  33. True, but the last name is longer – different people, I’m guessing.

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