Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hakeem OlajuGone


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  1. counterstrike pwner

    PWNED is a typo for OWNED! but it became slang of its owned. to mean exactly the same thing as OWNED. PWNED originated from the game counterstrike. it is a fast paced first person shooter, and it was popular before a lot of people had headsets/microphones to talk to each other. people need to communicate in this game in order to strategize and whatnot. so instead of mics, people would type as fast as possible. since there was always a lot of trash talking as well, people would say something like “you just got OWNED,” “I OWNED you,” or the like. as the p is right next to the o on the keyboard, people started saying “PWNED” by mistake. but it caught on because of the way the word sounds. video game nerds especially like weird sounding things and pretending to come up with something that could potentially become cool. Im pretty sure every videogamer on every game imaginable has replaced OWNED with PWNED!

  2. use it.

  3. Look it up on urban dictionary.

  4. you guys are all lame. this is f*ing funny. buddy got owned, and clearly can’t take a joke.

  5. seriously everyone, lamebook isn’t for the weak. stop sympathizing, Bob got owned.

  6. Sounds like Bob needs a new set of step-dad and real friends

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