Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday?

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  1. No love for Ringo?

  2. It’s just that Ringo is an unusual name… He wouldn’t want his kid to be made fun of at school.

  3. Ringo’s real name is Tottenham Tyson, so he did sort of get a shout out.

  4. Was he going with George Michael or Michael Jackson? This could use some commas or something. How are we to know which weird, gay performer he is referencing? I get that it’s probably George Harrison, but how are we to know for sure?

  5. And Williams, the F1 team of Keijo Rosberg yeah! But Tyson, for the boxer? please nooo.

  6. Wish I could have named my son with Tottenham as a middle name. My wife would have killed me.

  7. Perhaps ‘Tyson’ actually refers to the chicken manufacturers.

  8. Tottenham Lennon could also refer to the football team and their winger, Aaron Lennon.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    To give context to those who don’t know; East Sussex is almost Essex, which is the Jersey Shore of England. I think that should explain everything.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I mean, yeah you’ve got Kent in between, which is actually quite nice, but culturally it’s basically Essex.

  11. What a fucking dick that Father is. The mother must of been morphined up to the eyeballs for such a thing to occur. Good day ass crack.

  12. , <–and there is the missing comma

  13. East Sussex is not almost Essex. There is definitely a gap between the two. Culturally and geographically. That might be a reason why you never hear that comparison. Don’t blame this guys stupidity on his location.

  14. Apparently, this kid’s dad is Art Vandelay. He imports chips and exports diapers.

  15. i logged in just to say that i snickered at the art vandelay comment. ftw!

  16. Vandelay Industries is a Latex business!
    But Ripley, marry me?

  17. It is of little surprise that the parents of the child are from Hastings, I guess the dregs of society use the Conquest hospital to give birth rather than their foetid squats.

  18. Art Vandelay comment ftw indeed!

  19. Ripley and four others on here (that includes me) know what the fuck the Vandelay reference is.

    I can’t wait to air my greivance about this on Festivus.


    PS. faponyourmom, I love you 🙂

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