Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pregnant Package

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  1. HA HA HA I bet she was really having a girl because at 1 month you can’t tell shit. HA HA HA

  2. that’s some weird looking ultrasound…

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    For being so anti gay, black people sure bring up dick a lot.

  4. She said in the one comment she’s 7 months, but I don’t see anything resembling a baby in there. What the arrow points to looks like a pork chop!

  5. That was really, really embarrassing to read.

  6. That really doesn’t look like a baby to me… and who talks about how big their baby’s penis is going to be? Really..? That’s a bit of a weird thing to boast about…..

  7. Pffft my sons’ dick is much bigger then the package either of their spunk bubble’s is packing.

    He’s 22.

  8. Fucking hell. There should be some kind of app that lets you read FB posts and then go back in time to sterilize idiots. “ma son’s dick iz goin to be big azz fuck lol real talk” AARRRGHHHH

    As dragonfly said–embarrassing. Azz fuck!

  9. There’s no way in hell that baby is 7 months unless this is just a close up but it doesn’t look like it.

  10. Forget the dick, if one more person types pregnet I swear I’m gonna…..

  11. Good a time as any to remind everybody:

    You need a license to operate a motor vehicle or own a firearm, but literally anybody can bring another human being into the world and raise him/her. Just think about that.

    That is all.

  12. Is this for real? Are there really people out there who are this out of touch with reality and normalcy without being classified as retarded? The black community has made NO progress whatsoever since the civil rights movement! In fact, I’d say they’ve gone backwards! This is why there is constant controversy over affirmative action – these are the morons who would get the job because of the color of their skin rather than the content of their character!

  13. vaginalroundhouse

    America’s problems would be solved if we removed all the black people.

  14. ^^ I concur.

  15. it’s funny how everyone is assuming that they are black…

  16. They’re very clearly black.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Clearly. I mean, it doesn’t say black anywhere, but you know it’s not like any other race imitates black people or anything.

  18. Well, you know, as if the names and speech didn’t give it away…and don’t pretend they don’t…you could just blow up the picture and look at their profile pictures. Blurred or no, those are black people.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah sure let’s zoom in and make deductions from a tiny picture made up of literally 16 pixels. That shouldn’t make it too pixelated because I have seen it done on CSI many times.

  20. Did someone offer a big azz fuck? Good! These dumb bitches can’t get pregnet that way.

    Dukey – 16 pixels or not, what makes their profile pictures so dark if not the melanin in their skin?

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    1) Their black friend standing next to them in their profile picture? (You know the obligatory 1 black friend people who talk like that have to avoid being called racist.
    2) Low lighting conditions?
    3) black dress in a badly cropped photo?
    4) A tree
    5) Badly sun burnt
    6) Black guy photo-bomb
    7) Black car as a profile picture
    8) Picture of recently deceased black singer (Probably a rapper)
    9) Etc.

  22. Wow way to go you guys aren’t racist at all (sarcasm) There are just as many ignorant blacks as there are redneck white people which is equivalent to the amount of beaner Mexicans…. smh I swear whit people stereotype people the most I would honestly say that whites are the most judgmental.

  23. I’m far more worried by the racism in these comments than by the posts themselves!
    “The black community has made NO progress whatsoever since the civil rights movement! In fact, I’d say they’ve gone backwards!”

    Jesus. Yes, please count these two as models for the whole “black community”.

    You’re obviously so much better than all of them.

  24. Yo get of our backs you racist crackars

  25. what’s pregnet?

  26. Dukey – touche. I’m still leaning towards the obvious conclusion however.

    Oh, and I love what lb did with your # 8… 8)

  27. @Vaginalroundhouse and etc etc,…the black people were OK climbing trees and running around naked….UNTIL you FORCED them here. Now deal with it America!

  28. “My word, it looks like a baby’s arm holding an apple.” I wouldn’t know why people even put dick and baby in the same sentence, although it does look like mom swallowed a dildo!

  29. That was just awkward to read.
    And some of these comments are worst.

    I was just put into the same group with these breeding failures….I’m surrounded by idiots.

  30. does anyone else see the creepy man face in the middle right of the ultrasound?

  31. I have to agree, Dukey. Although I did assume they were black, in all fairness, I know people who do talk like that. On the flip side, I also know whites who do as well. There is even a white female rapper who changed her name to a stereotypical ghetto name and “talks black”.

    But, it is offensive to say all blacks talk and act the same or any race for that matter. For the most part (because I do make mistakes), I speak grammatically correct and I wouldn’t be having a serious conversation about whether or not my son’s dick was huge (especially on FB). If it were a joke it would be different, but I think they were serious. It seems as if it is so easy for people acknowledge the blacks who are ignorant and uneducated. But, they won’t do the same for educated and well mannered blacks.

    At the same time, this is lame book. For the most part, this site is for the stupid, silly posts that we see. We’re supposed to laugh at the ridiculous of people–not blacks, whites, latinos, etc but people.

  32. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Um….comment 26 (pahleez), *other* Africans captured their own citizens (?) to hand them over to the slave ships….

  33. just cause the topic is ‘big dick” doesn’t mean they are black
    I’m sure white people have acceptable sized wieners too.. sometimes

  34. @#32, Doesn’t matter how they were captured…the ship was steered by…yeah, yours truly. Again I say, read 26!!

  35. To infer that all black people have the same characteristics as the people in this post would be equivalent to me inferring that Jersey Shore is indicative of what to expect from white people. I’m not sure if these racist people have ever interacted with different races, but I promise you I’ve met intelligent and idiotic people from all cultures.

    Anyone who makes an assertion about a whole race based on assumptions is quite the knuckle dragger who is no better than the very people they try to devalue.

    Get out the house. Interact with people different than yourselves. Join the 21st century. =)

  36. Only white poeple from New Jersey act like they do on Jersey Shore. The rest of the country has class. Can’t comment on the black thing.

  37. ^^^
    i hope thats a joke.. im a white girl from the jersey shore, ocean city, not seaside, and i do not know ONE person that is ANYTHING like the jersey shore.

  38. ty_inspires is just about on the money as much as is possible… But you do have to agree a lot of mass media tend to somehow enforce stereotypes. The aforementioned Jersey Shore for example really feeds the trolls… We have a similar show here called ‘Oh Oh Cherso’ which is just about the same… About people who really should not be allowed to breed…

    To the person who said white people stereotype the most, that’s not really true, though it sometimes sounds like it. In reality the Asian community is far worse. Up until a not so far past, foreigners were actually considered lower class (unless they were rich businessmen :P), based on some really weird stereotype assumptions. (Btw, to any asian people reading this, I wasn’t trying to discrimate, just based on my and some friends personal experience…)

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