Monday, October 10, 2011

Cutting Out Friends

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  2. Ultimate awkward moment.

  3. That wasn’t Sophie’s choice.

  4. It’s called “Involuntarily Emulating Sinead”. Either way, I don’t see why this is LB worthy. Sophie has cancer, Irit didn’t know, women are always being all googoogaga about each other’s hair, and hopefully women share the predominant male philosophy that roughly 85-90% of women look way better with it long and down. Hopefully.

  5. Throwingtofu: unfortunately, they don’t. Apparently what’s “in” now is extremely short hair (and for some, styling it in extremely stupid ways afterward) and it looks absolutely terrible. What women think looks good changes every 5 years, and what men thinks looks good has been the same for 500,000 years.

    Of course, losing your hair due to something you have no control over is fine, but voluntarily cutting it shorter than shoulder-length is something I do not condone.

  6. Yes. All women should always have long hair. Because otherwise dudes can’t tell them from other dudes and might start fucking dudes. More than they already do.

  7. ^ haha

  8. crane: Agreed.
    Chucho: Sorry you have that problem.

  9. Throwingtofu: good comeback.

  10. Some dudes have long hair, and then you don’t even want to think about fucking them in case they turn out to be a woman. Guys should have short hair and women should have long hair. That way nobody gets confused.

  11. Tip to Sophie: Buy a wig or wear a bandana.

  12. Wouldn’t it be funny if Irit’s last name is Tatting…

  13. Short hair is gay

  14. My hair is long. I can sit on my hair. But that’s because I have a hairy arse.

  15. ballyacher: lol

    Umm, yeah…women should stop wearing hairstyles they prefer because men like long hair. If you like it, then you wear it.

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