Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Hunting!

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  1. I wonder if Lauren put that much effort into the relationship.

    So this dude should be able to find most of his stuff in the Wal-Mart parking lot….

  2. Good one Statutory, I was gonna say he should check the backseat of his car ….

  3. So from the letter she posted we figured her boyfriend left his Facebook opened. But, why the fuck did she have to comment and point out that her boyfriend left his Facebook opened?… for emphasis?…or perhaps she felt that all of her friends were just as retarded as her?

  4. So why did she write the letter? Why couldn’t she type it on his open account, like everyone else?

  5. Paranoid Android72

    Yeah, pen and paper are so yesterday, get with the program girlfriend *clicks fingers

    Actually, who gives a fuck? The fact she went to the effort of writing this shit suggests high maintenance.

  6. necrophiliac64258

    Good to see that break ups are getting more creative these days.

  7. #5, I’m curious; were there 71 other Paranoid Androids on this site?

  8. Paranoid Android has a 41st birthday this year.

  9. necrophiliac64258

    Jibby if it’s any constellation there have been 64257 necrophiliacs on this site

  10. Paranoid Android is a track by Radiohead and it’s beautiful.

  11. cheating is not good, guys… seriously

  12. Paranoid Android72

    Meh and in other news, meh.

  13. Normally I’d make some sort of smartass comment here. However what this posting is, ia an admission to a crime. She’s been a bad girl…and you guys know how I feel about that shit! This shit’s serious man! If nobody objects I’ll take one for the team and volunteer to “punish” her.

  14. #9, why would your knowledge of me and the 64256 others be a defined area of the celestial sphere?

  15. Writing that down was stupid not as stupid as doing it all though.

  16. At least they weren’t married or engaged!

  17. I am amused by how the ratings are split almost 50/50 for #11. Ha!

  18. ^I think the people who thumbed down were offended by #11’s insinuation that only guys cheat/ guys are more prone to cheating. Some studies would say otherwise.

  19. I’ve read that women are 75% more likely to cheat, it’s just that we men are 99% more likely to get caught.

  20. my best friend’s ex-wife makes $77/hr on the laptop. She has been fired for 6 months but last month her pay was $20358 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read more here…

  21. Lauren, I’m in love with you lol. Genius… Just freakin genius!

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