Friday, May 31, 2013

The Good Cold Days

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  1. Fuck off, Stephen! You’re contradicting yourself.

  2. Then why the hell do you miss those days, you lying bastard!?

  3. A third if the people on my fb list does this. Take a picture of them prepping food, cooking, made plate then empty plate. No one cares how your Dyson chicken nuggets were microwaved.
    It’s even worse when more pictures of their food gets uploaded than their own kids growing up.

  4. ^ That’s because their kids are growing out</i, not up.

  5. Stephen, those old days still exist, you’re in a dystopia called Facebook.

    Just get a life.

  6. Paranoid Android72

    Think of the starving children in Africa….and how much they would appreciate a picture of your lasagne a la retard.
    Is it still ‘hip’ to say FML? If so, FML, otherwise, disregard.

  7. #2 He must have terrible aim?

    #3 I would much rather see pics of food than of snot nosed brats.

    #4 That depends on how well they cook and what they cook. I would say that it much less likely with a decent cook than it would be with a fuckwit that can barely figure out a microwave.

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