Friday, May 31, 2013

Please Tell Me You’re Joking

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  2. ^ Just found out replicarolex wasn’t a reputable Rolex dealer :-S who’d a thought eh!!

  3. Darrin and the retard = the perfect match.

  4. yeah velocirober….tell us.

  5. I will try when I get home. The pictures I have in my work computer are NSFW.

  6. I think the last one is a joke. And his avatar looks like a squished spider.

  7. Speaking of penises, where’s Elsior been?

  8. Darrin knows how to potato…
    He’s a special one.

  9. crustylovelips

    +1 for Jeffreyd

  10. necrophiliac64258

    …This is why I’m a necrophiliac

  11.’s a screwed up soon as u think elsior stuck his penis in a live fuse box & died..he shows up outta’s disappointing as hell

  12. I’ve never heard of sticking a penis inside of a penis, but is anyone else familiar with “docking”? Not my thing, but “the more you know” If I’m not mistaken, it’s where a guy puts his foreskin over another mans glans. If anything, it sounds fucking tedious.

  13. #12 Pretty much that is docking of course then they use both foreskins to “stimulate”.

  14. Yeah, I just can’t imagine it being all that pleasurable and exciting. I’d rather someone just stimulate my penis with their mouth. Can a fag chime in here and tell us what it’s really like.

  15. #14 That is a fair point. It might be like scissoring.

  16. I’m just curious to know what happens when they both biff while doing this docking thing. Do the foreskins swell up and go …well…biff?

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