Friday, August 14, 2009

Your Status Isn’t Helping

Your Status Isn't Helping

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  1. he sounded more interesting when he was a sex addict

  2. eye don c wats rong hear

  3. Why would this idiot take a FB quiz about his sex life with the knowledge that he’s never been in a relationship? He has absolutely no reason to be bitching about it in his status, but then again, this is pretty lol-worthy.

  4. good stuff here.

  5. Hard to believe, but Anthony might actually be the one person whose spelling is worse than what you see on the Facebook quizzes. Ironic!

  6. I’m with Confused – why’d he take a sex quiz if he’d never even been on a date?

    Second, why did he choose to publish the quiz and send his friends notifications about it if the results were so offensive?

    Then for good measure he makes a status about it, just to make sure everybody knows he’s a virgin

  7. @ hfro

    I had the same thought! I honestly think some of those FB quizzes were written by people who have only 1 finger, or otherwise only 5 keys on their keyboard… Another thing: he can spell ‘notifications’, but he can’t use the correct ‘to’? Failz…

  8. i agree with trillian. he could have just NOT published it. and NOT bitched about his virginity in his status.

  9. Helena Handbasket

    Anthony is the type of guy that girls settle for when their first choice won’t actually fuck them. Rock on, Anthony. You’ll get laid in no time.

  10. You don’t have to have a girlfriend in order to be a sex addict.

  11. “I’m not a sex addict! Chicks won’t bone me even though I’m showing off my bare chest in my profile photo. Boo hoo hoo!”

  12. Hmmm. If he has never had sex and never had a girlfriend, the only way he could come out of the quiz a sex addict is if he a. jacks off ALL the time, b. thinks of jacking off all the time and/or has a lot of boyfriends with whom he is exploring the joys of sex addiction. Assuming (and we needn’t, but for the sake of argument, assuming) the reason for the result of the quiz is NOT c. why would you want to affirm for all your friends, family & future employers on FB that you are a virgin who jacks off so much that he qualifies for sex addiction without sex? This guy is amazing – I just wish I knew how old he is:)

  13. A virgin overshare-er and serial abuser of “!!!” I haz sadz for Anthony. He’s not going to get laid during this century.

  14. Well herro der Mr. Masturbates A-Lot.

  15. Not sure about his “charming looks” but if they are even half as awesome as his personality, he ought to be rolling in ladies.

  16. I see his point though. I nearly threw a party when I discovered you could hide that infernal “Living Social” shit.

    But his spelling sucks.

  17. ummmmm is it just me? or does his blurred out picture look like some balls and dick?

  18. wow, i have seen some people post really degrading shit about themselves on here, but this pretty much takes the cake.

  19. @ Matt: yep, if you squint at it, it DOES. Or maybe its his face with a dick on it?

  20. Quote ‘despite my charming looks and personality’

    Who is he trying to impress, his cousins?

  21. Yeah, because everyone takes those Facebook quizzes SO seriously. Like, when I took this one quiz that said I was like Bette Davis, I like, had to message all my friends and tell them like, I’m not dead!

  22. Fake?

  23. Helena Handbasket

    What’s with Lamebook changing its icon to a thumbs down? Although I like the thumbs down, I hate change. *sigh*

  24. I wonder if he realizes that a sex addict isn’t necessarily addicted to women. Hmm.

  25. Yep, he really sounds like he has a real ‘charming personality’

  26. Not ever having a girlfriend is not something you post angrily about.

  27. eye aslo dunt sea what is rong with thes post about stupid in accuret quizes, this is obvoisly lies depite what everyone thinks. EVIL!!

  28. In this lamebook title, the word “helping” means “readable”.

  29. Arf The Crime Dog

    despite my charming looks and personality

  30. really?

  31. He’s clearly being sarcastic. Just because someone can’t spell doesn’t mean they can’t have a sense of humour…

  32. Girls might pity him for being such a douche, but even sympathy sex is out of the question.

  33. This guy kinda reminds me of Chris-Chan for some reason.

  34. @Alex, OFUK. I live down the street from Chris-Chan :[

  35. i am incredibly jealous that you live down the street from chris-chan

  36. “despite my charming looks and personality”


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