Monday, August 15, 2011

Hardee’s Days Night

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  2. Looks fake,i know a fake post because i have seen enough fakes on my time. Yo momma’s tits not included btw.

  3. Total B.S.

  4. What do you guys mean by a fake post? Seems to me like a boyfriend and girlfriend are just messing around on FB.

  5. Yeah it just sounds like an inside joke to me.

  6. And how can you see this post hellababe? You better have internetz on that sammich you are making me,or you are in big trouble woman.

  7. yodawg needs a hardee…

  8. what the fuck are hardees?

  9. Bradles, Hardee’s is the name of Carl’s Jr. on the East Coast. They’re the exact same restaurant, just a different name.

  10. Saranana: Hardee’s is owned by Carl’s Jr. having purchased them ages ago. They are not ‘the exact same restaurant’ as you’ve stated, their menus are different. Carl’s Jr. also tastes much better.

  11. is there a website with girls that are DTF

  12. ^ya, its called “Real Life”

  13. No one mentions Frank’s very eccentric pick-up line?

  14. Thanks mknzybsofh. I haven’t eaten at either a Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr in over 10 years because their food tasted like deep-fried garbage. I wouldn’t really know what was even on their menus now. I just know they have the same commercials.

  15. Haha his pick up line is pretty weak

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