Monday, June 25, 2012

Have a Good Night

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  1. Fake.

  2. I’m not surprised Cameron is an ‘ungrateful little fucktard’ if this is the level of maturity his mother normally displays.

  3. Nah, I’m inclined to disagree. My younger brother is pretty likely to do/say similar things but all five of his siblings (including myself) aren’t such douchebags

  4. I fucked Kayla.

  5. I don’t think her post (if real) reveals a lack of maturity in her part… She’s just getting down to his level for amusement.

    Captain Obvious.

  6. Oh I’m not sure, but I bet I know where that kid got his potty mouth from. Pretty hard to scold a kid for talking so disrespectfully when you are the parent and in charge of teaching the kid a modicum of manners. And also, in private. Pretty poor parenting skills

  7. I wonder if that filthy cunt has a lamebook account?

  8. Shut the fuck up.

  9. teeko, I doubt that Cameron’s mother speaks to him like that normally… Manners have nothing to do with it. If parenting involves teaching your child a lesson in reasonableness (i.e. not calling people cunts when they’re too sick to do something for you), or proving to them the dangers of talking about people behind their backs, then I’d say she’s done okay. Lesson learned.

  10. I would have just deleted his fucking account.
    who’s the cunt now, sunny Jim??…oh yeah, still me. Hah!

  11. @bacchante – do you really believe that? THat she suddenly pulled that disgusting language out of her ass to belittle her son in front of all his friends? Parents are supposed to edit themselves and be role models, not give in to crap like that. I believe she talks like that all the time and seriously someone calls out their kid as a “fucktard?” Really? She almost deserves to get called whatever her son calls her. And fraping him? NO class as a parent. NONE. The next gen is doomed

  12. Bacchante is the sweetest angel, bless her soul

  13. Yeah, she is way down on maturity. That affects her respectability

  14. #11 Yes, I do believe that. And I also don’t consider “dumbass” or “fucktard” to be disgusting language in this context. She wanted to pwn him publicly, so she sunk to his level.

  15. I don’t a have a fucking problem with any cunt swearing – I don’t even have a problem with kids swearing, as long as it is kept in context.
    and cameron’s mom has got it going on.

    all you tight-arsed bastards who are terrified of bad language can line up and lick my sack.
    and I’m not going to fucking tell you what that even means. just know that you prolly wont like it.

  16. i knew you were a tranny, anne

  17. Fucking mum’s they’re all the pissing same aren’t they? ‘Oooh I can’t drive you to splash your fat I’ve got pneumonia’ or ‘Oooh sorry son I’ve got bad cramp you’ll have to pull out and let your brother in.’

  18. She said he called her a cunt. She didn’t even say “oh you shouldn’t have used that language.” Sounds like she just didn’t want to be called one. She simply stated what happened. The fucktards part was just added benefit.
    The part ’bout him doin’ it all up on Facebook and all dat – that was the shitty part… yo.
    Mom: 1
    Douchebag son named after a diseased actress: 0

  19. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Plus, ‘cunt’ is definitely worse than ‘fucktard’. It has all kinds of misogynistic baggage attached to it, whereas ‘fucktard’…what does that even mean? Nothing, really. It’s a bit ableist, I suppose, because it’s a portmanteau involving ‘retard’. But people with learning difficulties don’t have a strong grassroots equality movement and a body of literature like what feminism has, so fuck those guys.

  20. ^this. because it’s the softest targets that make the biggest squish.

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