Friday, October 30, 2009

Have a Rum Weekend!

Have a Rum Weekend!

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  1. Pirates didn’t go to school, and, apparently, neither did Timothy.

  2. @ Remo

    well tattoo artists usually put a blueprint on the skin before they actually do the tattoo so the person can see if they like it or not, so if she didn’t notice then that it wasn’t spelled correctly, it’s her own damn fault really isn’t it?

  3. but why is there a musket?

  4. Billy Joe Bob McGee

    Timothy is a complete moron.

  5. I mean, WTF? Tim and his tattoo artist are both retards!

  6. @ Fred :I think he insisted it to be that way

  7. This reminds me of a girl I met who had the phrase “Geto Love” tattooed in 4 inch letters across the bottom of her back. She said she wasn’t sure how to spell “Ghetto”.

  8. Got a better one… an old roommate got a four leaf clover on her lower back and it says “lucky you” how dumb is that.. she says she is so religious and that she doesn’t do kinky crazy things yet she has that tattooed on her back…

  9. um thats a slogan from lucky jeans

  10. All of you are wrong. Maybe time flies for him when other people are drinking?

  11. 1 million people joined . . .
    And his house is NOT , in any way , shape , or form , a pirate ship 🙁

  12. I genuinely love this and compliment the bad ass. If it were me the spelling error would be intentional.

  13. who cares how it’s spelt.
    havin & your, are not MAJOR spelling mistakes.

  14. kristy is a dumbass

    havin might not be but there is a big difference between “your” (possessive) and “you’re” which is the conjunctive for “you are”. so either way he looks like a fucking moron and so do you for thinking that.

  15. This usage of “your” is not a major spelling mistake? Wow. Yeah, dumbasses all over the internet mix them up all the time, but that just means they’re dumbasses. It’s a completely different word that makes the tattoo make no sense. My having rum?

  16. I’d like some rum

  17. I know this guys….lawl….anywho it’s a back brace if anybody cares

  18. wow, i like that he then tries to back up his bad spelling, by even more terrible spelling…dident?? scollar??…. someone needs to go back to school

  19. Haha, I like his justification, it’s pretty clever but I agree that it’s pretty lame… would not be worth it to have to explain to everyone that “pirates didn’t go to school!”
    Also I like the group addition. You can tell where his mind is at.

  20. Shouldn’t it be “yar” in that case?

  21. Haha good call Peach. I actually like this tattoo. I wouldn’t get it, but it’s not lame by any means.

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