Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have Faith She Doesn’t


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  1. except how to spell.

  2. the sad part is that most people won’t get that he spelled it wrong.

  3. And He Capitalizes Each Friggin’ Word.

  4. I dread these parents. I feel sorry for her teacher.

  5. Tomarrow is spelled tmrw.


  6. I don’t get it, what the fuck is he talking about?

  7. He knows everything, except how to spell.

  8. @Erin: Don’t you feel sorry for their daughter? The teacher only has to bear them for some minutes, the poor kid has to bear them for years!

  9. I’m at a loss as usual. Someone explain please?

  10. @ Aspen – I had a hard time too. Since I’m majoring in language I had fun deciphering it.

    The parent-teacher conference is tomorrow! I hate to tell the teacher this, but my daughter Faith is like me – She knows everything!

  11. Thank you, Katie. I was mystified as well. Someone needs to put together an Idiot-to-English dictionary.

  12. Who the hell names their kid Faith?
    I know two sisters named Harmony and Charity…barf.

  13. I’m pretty sure I know this girl. Her name is Faith, her dad’s name is Patrick and there are parent-teacher conferences tomorrow at my school. And the girl is pretty annoying.

  14. People! Please quit posting links to your very horribly designed websites without a disclaimer. Someone with epilepsy could click that link and fall into a seizure. That’s right, I’m talking to you Lea. I don’t even have epilepsy and I almost had a seizure.

  15. @Lea you are completely right! I have some of the most wonderful students that come from fucked up parents. It really sucks for the kids.

  16. ^ Strangely enough, I know a lot of families with the opposite pattern; through my years at school I frequently noticed that the most irritating people I knew generally had particularly lovely parents.
    Seriously, I can only recall one or maybe two exceptions to this rule.

  17. One of my biggest pet peeves… it is tomOrrow, for crying out loud.

  18. Why the capital letters on every word??? What an unnecessary effort!

  19. I do hope you’ll be wearing that hat to the Parent Teacher Conference, Patrick !

  20. Teachers like parents
    To come and be constructive,
    Not to be fuckwits.

  21. I don’t understand how people can even get confused between an ‘o’ and an ‘a’ in the word tomorrow. It doesn’t even sound like ‘tomArrow’!

  22. Hmmm, I’m not too happy about my overuse of the word ‘even’ there…

  23. Mr Haiku:
    I like your poems
    I look forward to them lots
    Best part of lamebook

  24. Unpronounceable,
    Your response has made my day.
    I will keep posting.

  25. @ Katie – a colon would have been better, and you don’t need that capital S on ‘she’.

    And Surely It Is Harder To Capitalise Every Letter. I Do Not Understand. Grrrr. Idiot. Grrrr.

  26. Faith is not real.

  27. @Joans – no it’s spelled 2mro

  28. my biggest pet peeve — tomarrow — and congradulations. really people?

  29. @Brooklynn – your *biggest* pet peeve?!

    Do you do double-negatives too?

  30. The admins purposely didn’t blur out Patrick’s cowboy hat, so it’s obvious that they wanted us to comment on it. Since everyone else has failed at this, I’ll step up to the challenge.

    99% of people that wear cowboy hats look like douches, when they do. The other 1% don’t post their headshots as their facebook profile picture.

  31. I too, love Haiku
    He makes me giggle so much.
    Please don’t stop posting

  32. @ mcowles

    Yoo hoo ! (comment 19)

  33. Aside from the fact he can’t spell ‘tomorrow’, wtf is the point in putting a capital letter on every word?

    Who does that, and why?

  34. @ Keyser Soze… damn it, that means you get a point :(.

  35. @mcowles

    I don’t know. I think girls look cute in cowboy hats. Guys, obviously, look like douches.

  36. Except When To Use Capital Letters. Idiot.

  37. the all caps may be because Patrick is posting from a phone – on my phone as well it capitalizes every first letter.
    the ‘tomarrow’ however is inexcusable.

  38. HAHAHA oh pooor faith

  39. The cowboy hat in the profile pic explains a lot.

  40. Screw the English Language, I think I died a little when I saw this.

    Capitalization of every word? Tomorrow/Tomarrow?

    Just found this website, It’s restored my faith in humanity and society as a whole a tiny bit. Viva La Lamebook!


  41. “faith takes after her Dad so she knows everything…..well….maybe not spelling or grammar…..probably not any self respect either…..and if she tells you that Daddy kisses and hugs her too long, she’s a liar too!!!!!!”

  42. Hmmmm. I think he could have done it on purpose to simulate his accent. Regardless I’ve seen much much worse. He isn’t even worth talking about.

  43. god.. the caps of every word its a mobile status update its probably just a phone quirk. ffs lamelamebook

  44. @ayou – *slow clap*

  45. Everything?
    1. Really Faith? Really?
    2. T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W
    3. WTF
    4. RICK ROLL’D!!!!!!!
    5. I have never been 7 Exclamation point Happy

  46. @Rick Roll’d– if you really want to rick roll people then go to this website—

  47. Alibeck- I went there.. fuck you!!

  48. some people should not be allowed to bread.

  49. ^ ah, sweet irony 🙂

  50. @ #49: Self-ownage perhaps, irony it certainly is not.
    (unless he works at a sperm bank or something similar)

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