Friday, June 28, 2013

He Doesn’t Get It From His Mama

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  1. *snort* “oh no roll” bahahahahaha.

    “Oh no roll for me please, I’m watching my carbs.”

    Oh Lord, it had to have said “Honor Roll” on the report card. How hard is it to copy it off of there?

  2. Translation, please!

  3. Hopefully he passes it on and teaches her

  4. Welcome to the No Child Left Behind program. I’m guessing he writes as poorly as she does, but the schools aren’t allowed to grade him on it because they will be accused of prejudice.

  5. The Oh no! Roll doesn’t sound good at all.

  6. Mama should lay off from the drinking.

  7. Paranoid Android72

    The “ohnoroll” is what Corey’s son has to endure when washing momma’s hard to reach places.

    In entirely unrelated news, my eyes just spontaneously combust.

  8. Isn’t Corey a guy’s name? o.o <serious question
    Anyway, this may fall on deaf ears because asking for sympathy on the internet gets the same reaction as asking a bully to stop beating you up because it feels bad BUT
    To those of you insulting the woman (Paranoid Android, I'm looking at you) because of her lack of education, would it kill you to have a little empathy?

    I have no problem when people mock others for something they brought upon themselves, but she seems like she hasn't had the opportunity to get an education, and she's earnestly happy that her son's doing well in school.
    Why go ahead and insult her like that for something completely unrelated that probably isn't anywhere near the truth?

    *Time to brace myself for when the trolls turn on me*

  9. Do the kid a favor and don’t help him with his homework…

  10. Asdffdsa, the woman has access to the internet, which she *could* use to better her knowledge, instead of social media. It isn’t like she is sitting in a floorless straw hut in a third world country. She HAS access to a wealth of resources to better herself. And don’t give me that, “she may have been poor!” excuse. I grew up homeless (well, we had our van). All four of my siblings, and myself, have a college education.

    It is possible English is her second language, which would make her errors understandable.

  11. Paranoid Android72


    1) “im one happy mom” leads me to believe Corey is female
    2) I have empathy for those who genuinely deserve it, not for someone who could/should use spell-check.
    3) This is a satirical site for ‘lame’ facebook posts, not the place for a discussion on the American education system.
    4) She’s American ergo most probably obese.
    5) I have spent far too much drinking time replying to this.

  12. onthesunnyside, I have a Japanese mom and her Engrish resembles the English in this post, that’s one more reason why the insults bothered me I guess but I didn’t think it was worth the extra characters. 😛

    1) Yes, I guessed that much, I just don’t think that’s your typical female name
    2) Sometimes when your spelling’s as bad as hers, spell check doesn’t help and if she isn’t educated / doesn’t have English as a first language after a while I’m sure she’d just give up.
    3) I didn’t want to discuss American education, I just wanted to say that you might be acting a bit harsh.
    4) Nice job making yourself not look like a bigot (I’m not American or fat in case you wanna reply with either of those comebacks)
    5) Enjoy your buzz / puking (depending on your tolerance / the amount of alcohol consumed ^^)

  13. Also, it’s great that you were able to get a college education, but there really are people who were unable to go to school, be it because of poverty, bad parenting, or both.
    Maybe’s she’s older than you and so social programs weren’t developed enough to help her, that’d also explain why she doesn’t use autocorrect if she’s old enough to not really understand computers.

  14. Paranoid Android72

    Fuck my boots, here we go (again):-

    1)”Isn’t Corey a guy’s name? o.o <serious question" – Serious answer
    2) I would assume that Corey is an atypical American name therefore my supposition that English is her first language.
    3) You raised the issue of her education, I repsonded (somewhat flippantly).
    4) This is the internet, people make jokes on stereotypes and it shall forever be.
    5) I'm enjoying my booze 'buzz', thanks.

    I didn't get a college education, came from a poor background yet figured out autocorrect, go figure.

  15. Paranoid Android72

    Fuck me, not so much a sandy vagina as the whole fucking Sahara and Gobi desert compacted into the size of a cucumber and subsequently rammed up your arse (dry).

  16. ^That’s kinky.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ Indeed.

  18. “Oh no, roll!” is what you’d yell at someone who’s on fire, right?

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