Monday, February 8, 2010

More Family Fun

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  1. I still think this is a man in the first photo.

  2. It probably IS a man…not like Jack W would know otherwise. 😉

  3. As soon as I saw the first one, for some strange reason a song popped into my head:” At first I was afraid, then I was petrified!!!!!!!”

  4. @comrade_leviathan:

    HERO WIN and I believe we have a new acronym ;op
    Such a MILD…

  5. If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck, looks like a duck…it probably IS…..a mallard.

  6. Sorry all, I just know who Jack W and Tomi (I’m *dying* to say their last name so that the rest of you may enjoy their idiocy on Facebook more but am not sure whether that is allowed here or not) and know what utter douchebags they are…if you only saw their personal profiles, you’d wonder why the hell jack W ever posted the top photo to begin with, he’s the walking/talking epitome of why birth control is so badly needed in the U.S.!

  7. Please Ileana, I have a shitty day at work! Make my day and tell us the las names of these tw*ts!

  8. @PennyLane: I feel sorry for your husband. That photo has had the same effect on me. My penis has retreated so far, I’m nearly an honorary lady…

  9. i cannot imagine how that could possibly be a woman… truly scares me that a female can be that masculine. i wouldn’t hit that with a semi-truck, even though i would be doing the sighted world a favor.
    @Blue Smarties and Penny Lane: i call that fear induced shrinkage and i experienced the same phenomenon.

  10. caffeinatedaspirin

    I swear to god I thought that woman was a man, that it was a family with a good sense of humor, and the wife was taking a picture of her hulk hogan biker husband dressed up for shits and giggles.

    As I was reading the comments I truly expected not only for the first girl to say “That’s my dad!” but even after she didn’t, I expected the mom to pop in and say “that’s my husband”


  11. yeahh, i agree with Jack.
    who would put that on facebook and not get called a skank? lol.

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