Monday, March 18, 2013

He Doesn’t Get It From His Mama

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  1. *EYE CUE

  2. Well, they say a hawk can be born of a kite, don’t they?

  3. Stay with him jessica! For the love of god stay with him!

  4. twistedthoughts

    @thrillhouse: you’re assuming Jessica can read that comment of yours..?

  5. Even if she could see it i would still question if she could actually read it.

  6. She named him Day-mien?

  7. 93 is also considered a pretty high temperature in their town, too.

  8. Oh, sad 🙁 She might have a learning disability or something, guys. She seems like a good mom. It reminds me of when Forrest found out he had a son and was worried about him being smart.

  9. I bet when he brings a sick note to school written and signed from his mother, they always accuse Daymien of writing it.

  10. twistedthoughts

    @thrillhouse: exactly my point 😉

  11. I’m thinking Daymien was adopted! No way she produced something smart!

  12. This has got to be a joke. I hope, anyway.

  13. When compared to Jessica, even George W Bush looks smart.

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