Monday, March 18, 2013

You Sure About That?

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  1. How much for a grumpkin? I didn’t see that on the menu.

  2. I’ll pay for this person’s contact information. Damn you confidentiality! Don’t you realize she’d want the publicity?!

  3. Challenge accepted

  4. haha. This is awesome.
    What’s almost more impressive is the lack of “this is fake” comments.

  5. Bet her inbox got flooded after this post.

  6. I wonder if she has ever orgasmed whilst giving a $25 hand job whilst not being a whore or prostitute?

  7. $25 seems kind of steep for a handjob.

  8. Dawn of the Dan

    Yeah, only 5 bucks more to jump from the handie to the blowie?
    Not bad.

  9. Her mother must be proud.

  10. Oldest profession…her Orgasms will never be fake!

  11. I’m guessing the post is a frape.

  12. $25 a handjob? I can do a better job myself for free.

  13. #8 They do the same sort of thing at the car wash. The “works” is only $2 more than the “deluxe”, and includes most everything in the more expensive “super”, so I always feel like I am getting such a great deal.

  14. @13, Or at the movie theater concession stand:
    “I’ll take a $25 handjob.”
    “Would you like to upgrade that to a hummer for a mere $5 more?”

  15. What if I jus wanted to have her take a shit on my chest?

  16. Chick, if I make you orgasm, you owe ME $60! Wtf

  17. #4 I think they are all desperately hoping it’s real. Not that there is anything wrong with prostitution.

  18. I’m gonna take a gander and say that she’s got small tits, considering titfuck is not listed.

  19. ^any sex involving you would be a titfuck.
    Ps. Look up the expression “take a gander”

  20. I may have used that word improperly, but at least I get to titfuck.

  21. necrophiliac64258

    Shit she’s cheap I hope she’s Australian.

  22. Awesomesaurus: this is not what “taking a gander” means.

  23. Thank goodness the dictionary meanings were there, I might have thought she was a veterinarian or something.

  24. According to the dictionary, she not a prostitute if she orgasms, just a whore (2).

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