Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Details Matter

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  1. You go, girl! That’ll teach her a lesson.

  2. That was really funny.

  3. People stun me too. People like Lindsey

  4. Codename Dutchess

    Fuck you very much, Lindsey. Assholes like you are the reason I lost out on literally tens of millions from Nigerian royalty.

  5. Codename Dutchess – please define how ‘assholes like Lindsey’ are the reason you lost out on literally tens of millions from Nigerian royalty?

    You just sound like an idiot from the few sentences you typed.

  6. Lindsey! Give me back my 200$!

  7. Lindsey! Give me back my 200$

  8. Generally this would be fine, if she only gave enough details to deposit and not to withdraw money.
    The problem is she should have demanded interest.

  9. Call me cynical, but I smell a fake. I don’t think she really did that.

  10. This is obviously fake. I have lurks faith in the intelligence of people, but even this takes stupidity to another level.

  11. Lurks= little

  12. Codename Dutchess

    miss– It’s called satire, the fact that you honestly thought I was serious about missing out on a Nigerian check scheme makes you look like the idiot. Christ people, its the internet for fucks sake.

  13. @miss: are you fucking retarded, or did you just get assfucked by a horse? How did you completely miss that joke?

  14. “Bank details” WTF?

  15. slicingupeyeballs

    Does getting assfucked by a horse make you stupid…?

    Better cross that off my bucket list…

  16. Finally, a funny Lamebook post.

  17. For the love of Baby Jesus, please tell me that Miss is not serious.

  18. I’m afraid she may be : ( But hey, the world needs ditch diggers too, so Lindsey and miss may not be TOTALLY out of luck!

    As for ACN, they’re such a group of BS artists. Tried to make me sign a contract that left me on the hook for $500. When I asked who I would owe the money to, they said “we’ll work that out later.” I’m pretty sure that’s how they innitiate hookers!

  19. I think miss is saying the joke would have made a lot more sense if it was ‘people like this woman’ who had prevented the obtainment of Nigerian funds. ‘This woman’ prevented Lindsey from getting her $200 buy-in, whereas Lindsey didn’t prevent anyone from anything.
    As such I agree with miss.

  20. I, myself, harbour no such illusions that miss may be either correct nor incorrect.
    Even if you take Codename Dutchess’ words on a purely literal level, it reads as little more than scorn for the scamming fuckers.
    Looking at it from a more subjective level, we can see where he uses humour, satire and self-parody to accomplish this.
    He is saying that Lindsey attempting to stand up to the scamming fuckers who target the feeble-minded fuckers might actually have some noticeable impact, thereby preventing future feeble-mindeds from access to the scammer’s ‘services’. And he cast himself in the role of the feeble-minded fucker. bless x

    Either miss’ humour really is too under-developed to be in this place; or the bitch be trollin’. skillfully.

  21. Codename Dutchess

    ^^ What she said.

    [cries slowly in the dark whilst masturbating]

  22. miss=lindsey

  23. vaginalroundhouse

    So when is Lindsey going to get her $200 back?

  24. I’m confused?

    Are we saying that a woman was paid $200.00 and there was no face or arse fucking?.. Is that even possible?!

  25. Cheese, I think you’re getting overcharged.

  26. You get what you pay for, mad2

  27. Not if your Lindsey, apparently.

  28. Holy shit, I mistyped ‘you’re.’ Somebody shoot me.

  29. @hawkbit down under (oz/nz) we often pay others via internet banking rather than check or cash. a common email would be: “hi, i won your auction on trademe. please send your bank details and i’ll transfer asap.” bank details consist of name on account, bank name, and account number. you need not be with the same bank. most businesses supply bank details on invoices so you can deposit direct rather than write a check. (nb: it costs extra to write/deposit a check here in nz. banks here screw you for every last penny.)

  30. ^Banks EVERYWHERE screw you for every last penny.

  31. Self-corrected typos are acceptable, mad2.

    And yes, not a whole lot can be done with only a person’s name and bank details; just don’t tell the Nigerian prince what your DOB is, or you’re fucked.

    Same with credit card details, but you can check online whether your details have been stolen on the internet now. It’s a really handy website!

  32. self-corrected typos are destroying the sport

  33. ^Like when Hitler killed himself, the Jews were just days away from standing up for themselves and goin’ ghetto on the Nazi bitches. Or when the police caught Fritzl, his kids were JUST ABOUT to blow the story wide open. Some cunts want all the glory for themselves – even down to correcting their own grammar.

  34. holy shit crusty! YES.

  35. I don’t get it. Is the funny part supposed to be that she sent her “bank details” to a bunch of strangers? So?

    Or maybe it’s because I’m from a first world country (unlike the US) where banking actually works and giving your “banking details” to someone (hell, even publishing them online for the whole world to see) only means people can give YOU money. Much like publishing your PayPal email address online. Except you can’t spam a bank account. And “banking details” here mean a bank account number. You don’t need to know the bank, routing numbers or any of that useless sh*t.

  36. ^ I forgot to mention that you don’t even need to know the name of the person. The account number is seriously the only thing you need to make a deposit. Online. Immediately.

    Your check are from the 80’s. Let me laugh:


  37. * checks

  38. These type of posts just get me thinking what’s wrong with American banking. If I post my bank details on the web, no one can take any money from me. They can just give. (Like kucha said.)

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