Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Karma

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  1. I think it was intentional so that we may track him down and heap praise upon him.

  2. Just saw this and found them both. That was easy lol

  3. Kids these days, I tell ya.

  4. Codename Dutchess

    Kallie might be a cheating strumpet, but she should consider herself lucky she didnt get Ladd pregnant. That would be a double fuckeroo.

  5. I know so many girls like this. The ones who post daily on Facebook how their current boyfriends are such cheating liars (later in the day: “I have the best boyfriend in the world I love him so much OMG LOL”).

    Yet several of these girls I know for a fact have cheated on those boyfriends numerous times (because it’s often with me UMAD?).

  6. Damn Christopher, I guess they do lovet.

  7. Comment 3 “mmhmmm” is right! how’d you know? or do you know all of us? (I am Ladd btw.. lamebook failed) lol

  8. The great female solipsism at its finest. Been there, and I got my revenge.

  9. The way Ladd really had to spell it out was almost not funny. Almost.

  10. Aw, sure it’s funny. They really are that fuckin’ blind. Whatever they do themselves, well that was different, there’s always an excuse to hang it on. Everything revolves around them. The great female solipsism, they’re here, they’re in your face, get used to it.

  11. I find it extremley hypocritical how men and women seem to have very different opinions/rules on cheating and etc. It seems where I live (Australia), women can get off with a slap on the wrist for cheating. Woman using an excuse such as – ‘You don’t satisfy me so I had to look elsewhere’. Whereas men are ‘unforgivable bastards’ if they do so, unsatisfied or not. Of course this is not always the case, but it certainly is more common than the other way around. It seems to me that Aussie women want their man to cheat just so they have something to bitch about. I am new to lamebook too, having just made an account to comment here – So please, don’t bite my head off! Lmfao

  12. * A Woman

  13. I’m not friends with Brigham laugh.out.loud.. but yeah, my name is fairly easy to find hahaha. I’ve had a ton of friend requests since this came out. please feel free to share this link with everybody that you know! h

  14. Oh, be careful, Ladd. It may not be wise to let us be your friends. We Lamebookers are a pretty twisted bunch. Hell, I might be a terrorist.

  15. Lazy, I am pretty sure asking to not have your head bitten off around here is like smearing yourself in honey, breaking into a bee’s nest, and asking them not to sting…
    However, there has been a trend of late of persons discussing how some women deliberately seek out men who will treat them poorly simply so that they can bitch to their girlfriends about them.
    I say, why not just get it on with said girlfriends instead?

  16. It’s also pretty sad that Kallie won’t talk to men unless she’s considering fucking them (she tells guys with kids to not talk to her because she won’t date them).
    What if he just want to complement her on her fabulous sweater?

  17. Lazybitch comment #11 – the problem with ausfailian women is that they are terminally fucking insecure, neurotic sheep. They all hate their thighs/boobs/noses and take it out on the world by acting completely fucking insane. DO NOT read any woman’s magazine published in that fucked-up country. They are only blueprints on how to hate yourself moar and be more neurotic.

    Relationships appear so terminally porous because communication between the sexes is sketchy at best – which is understandable as ausfailian men are all sports-obsessed, racist, insecure homophobes.
    And what the fuck is it with the hyper-competitive ausfailian society? Why does everyfuckingthing have to be a competition with you people? We’re all just sacks of meat in varying stages of decomposition. Calm the fuck down.

    Happy ausfailure Invasion Day. And I really mean that.

  18. I grew up with both of them. She’s about as derpy as derpy can be.
    I bet she flips her shit when she sees this. she Will probably use phrases like “ohemgee! like, cant I like, file a restraining order?! or call the police on that website?! see! this guy says they’re all terrorists anyway!”

  19. Australians are not everything you say MsAnne, but they are descendants from criminals.

    @Hahahaha25…it’s not surprising she cheated on you, it doesn’t really sound like you have much going for you.

  20. nah. of course aussies are fucking aces.
    and Rodney Hogg should be ausfailian of the year.

  21. Rodney Hogg is hilarious. How very current of you MsAnne.

  22. Rodney Hogg is hilarious like cancer.
    Not, you know, funny cancer – like scrotal cancer or arse cancer, but really boring cancer like bone cancer.

  23. It’s funny when famous people do things they “shouldn’t”, it seems to make more of a point. WOOOOOO, GO RODNEY!

  24. Where are you from MsAnne? Bone marrrow cancer is funny everywhere. Are you English?

  25. Well, have fun, you bunch of freaks. I’m off to shoot the President.

  26. ^you hairy terrorism!

  27. @crustylovelips OH! I’m so sorry that you know all about me and I haven’t taken the time to tell you who I am!! WOW you must be really smart!! I’m only 2 years away from my Masters Degree in Accounting at a Nationally accredited accounting school, number 10 in the nation to be exact*, I’m a model in Nashville and have been in numerous country music video’s including jason aldean’s dirt road anthem and tattoos on this town, and I pay all of my own bills, am only 20 in doing so, and paid for my car with cash.

    On the other hand, she is NOT in school, gotten quite fat, probably still lives with her parents, obviously can’t find a good man in however long it’s been since her and I dated, wont ever find a good man probably…..

    So PLEASE tell me crustylovelips, HOW do I not have much going for me? you ignorant fuck

  28. vaginalroundhouse

    I like boobs.

  29. That is the first time that lamebook erased my comment! I guess because I mentioned you know who’s name (after they corrected their own fail) …. who cares why.. I’m a bad ass!

  30. That could be a new record in time taken till having a meltdown post both in time elapsed and number of posts.

  31. Well, shooting the President was fun. Now time to go back to the station and put the video together.

  32. @hahahaha, I know you!! I’ve seen you in that country music video, making out with your sister. I’ma call you Cleatus.

  33. obviously you dont cause I wasnt making out with anyone in either of those video’s. I’ma call you fucktard

  34. Why do I always sleep through the meltdowns? Fuck GMT+10…
    Ladd, are you a lingere model my any chance? And is country music the one where they line dance and say ‘howdy partner’, then break gee tars and bottles over people’s heads?

    I like country music.

  35. Happy (belated) Invasion Day to you too, MsAnne. I wish that they’d slammed Gillard’s head into the door when they were rushing her away from The Lobby restaurant. And left Abbott to the angry mob for even suggesting that the tent embassy is no longer relevant. What a cunt.

    But anyway, back to your earlier comment, are you still based in Australia? Your extremely generalised comments were very “they” and “them” for an Ausfailian. I know what you’re talking about, of course; maybe more than most as I’m lucky/unlucky enough to live in Queensland, the bogan capital of the world.

    Most of the people I associate with IRL are nothing like you described, because we don’t read chicks’ magazines and we don’t watch television. I couldn’t give a rat’s about the current overpaid athletes / sports people in the news, or who’s winning the cricket. But I saw enough on Facebook yesterday to realise that as a nation, we’re either becoming more racist, or the ignorant xenophobes are just getting louder and prouder. It actually made me feel sick.

    I’m going to continue garnering relationships with people on the other end of the spectrum, and hope that the class of people you described stop fucking breeding.

    Oh, and communication rocks. Some men are quite skilled in the art as well.

  36. @ MsAnne, I totally agree with you on your point about Australian women being insecure crazed bitches. I have a sister who has had a nosejob and recently had implants (made next to no difference imo!)

    I in no way intended to come across as competitive or distressed/agitated. I am not a crazed australian fanatic. Like you said, we’re all the same – Perhaps I was too quick to assume that if I had referred to men and women in general, that some bitch’d have a whine about my opinion or ‘assumption’ about them?

    Australia day is shit, btw. Any excuse for dole bludging men and women to drink, gamble and contract as many sti’s in a day as possible.

  37. with people like Bacchante and Lazybitch, I can see hope for the future of .au
    Now, if you two ladies would just go on a killing spree at your local TAB, then we can start ‘cleaning house’.

  38. MsAnne you speak da truth! Too funny.

  39. Ooh, icky. The TAB smells gross. But all in the name of selective elimination, I’ll accept that challenge.

  40. I stopped being ausfailian when that country latched onto america’s dick and I had to watch in horror as they illegally invaded first Afghanistan, then Iraq.
    I saw the images of the children torn apart by shrapnel. Remember that one of the terrified father carrying his dead little girl whose legs are shredded mince from the knees down? Remember watching the fun of the gunships go batshit and shoot everybody in fucking sight? Remember how the pm of ausfailure condemned Assange for daring to publish that fact?

    Yeah, well. NOT IN MY NAME. I consider the state to have ‘gone rogue’ and to have acted against the wishes of the majority of the people.

  41. because clearly ‘my wishes’ = ‘majority wishes’. amitrite? (yes)

  42. I get that Kallie cheated on Ladd, but what did Karma do to get called a bitch?!

  43. ^She cheated on all of us, that bitch.

  44. MsAnne, sounds more like you. Nice to have ya back 😀 (If any fucker comments on the smiley i’m gunna mentally tear ur (your) lips off.

  45. Hey, nice smiley.

    OW! SON of a BITCH! That hurt!

  46. MsAnne, thanks for that. Though I must say, you’re pretty generous to presume that the Australian people have ANY fucking idea what their wishes are in relation to warfare / political alliances. They’ll know what they want when the government tells them, goddammit!

  47. g0d, you’re probably right. wonder why I’m so bitter?

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