Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seeing Red

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  1. pokerface.jpg

  2. vaginalroundhouse


  3. mefuckinursis.jpg

  4. Is mariannas trench a country band? ‘Cause this gives a new meaning to redneck…

  5. toastedenglishmuffin.jpg

  6. eatinghistoastedenglishmuffincostheyrefuckingamazing.jpg

  7. haveImissedajokesomewhere.jpg

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  9. Q4_2011_CM_ID_Validation.xls

  10. Ok now that’s pretty messed up.

    On an unrelated note, happy Australia day to those down under. Off to play cricket!

  11. Pretty sure you can’t use a question mark in a file name, Dukey.

    Anyway, this is disgusting and embarrassing.

  12. I had this happen to me once when I was dancing with a chick and she as grinding on my leg and she left a mark and then her boyfriend saw it and was all like that’s my girl you dancing with and I was like no I just brushed up against her nd he anted to beat me up. Embarrassing. Then I stole his beer and poured it into tide bottles.

  13. Uh…geezus I think that was in Superbad

  14. Why didn’t you steal Tide and pour it in his beer?

  15. lol he got perioded on.

  16. ifyouthinkthemuffinisgoodyoushouldtrymycheesecake.png

  17. Sick

  18. benzin.avi

  19. fatcunteatingcheesecake.jpg

  20. looks like marianna’s trench leaked.

  21. Should’ve known you were a metal fan. Mad fucken song.

  22. lol, bacchante where was that directed at?

  23. benzin.avi. Obviously.

  24. I actually meant the benzin.avi extreme animal cruelty vid.

    You know, where they burned the bloody pussy?

    I’m not proud of this, btw. But I think you covered it well with that tasteful musical reference – and now no one will even notice.

  25. Damn, MsAnne. You ruined it for me. I was all thinking, “Rammstein! YES!!!”

    Try Buck Dich live.

  26. Naw, I am disappoint.

    I would try any Rammstein live. Freakin’ fantastic performers.

  27. Awesome pyro. Psycho lead singer.

  28. /nods happily

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