Monday, October 8, 2012


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  1. Maybe I’m just stupid, but why would a girl that pretty mess up her face with such stupid piercings?

  2. Jessi, given the tits on that bitch, she probably spent her formative years on her knees and back with every guy in her state, not doing homework or even remotely educational. Her level of common sense is likely negligible, hence the retarded piercings.

  3. even anything*

  4. fuck me. comments 1 – 3 = quite cheerily judging this woman solely on her fucking appearance (good one, you geniuses!).
    But you two don’t don’t have a pair of functioning braincells between you.
    Calling this shit a pot/kettle/black situation is grossly insulting the resting intelligent of cookware.

  5. Great left can.
    I’m Thinking it was no mistake to set up that boob in such a way. Both of their IQ’s combined would still be in the negatives but hey, they made Face and Lame book! Win win !!

  6. It took me a good 30 seconds to figure out that that was a skull and not a balloon.

    And Randy, I always thought tit size was just a factor of genetics (and sometimes surgery). I had no clue it was actually an indicator of how many times a woman has had sex. Does it work the same with dicks? I’m imagining either way that yours is miniscule.

  7. Just saw the balloon. His head shape is spot on, and his nose makes a perfect balloon knot, although I’m guessing you were distracted by sumfink else

    The big question is,what in the hell is the curved arrow around the lock from the phone screen shot?

  8. ‘big’ question?
    you have a harder-than-normal time making even mundane decisions, don’t you?

  9. It’s wonderful to see that the girl from Bret Michael’s Rock of Love dating show finally found true love. That’s nice.

  10. Omg, I called another woman beautiful. How stupid of me.

  11. ^fuck off. back-handed compliments might work on you – because they’re all you’re used to – but anyone with a shred of self-respect will just tell you to shut your little, sheltered, vanilla, suburban cheeseburger-hole.

  12. How is calling another women beautiful a back-handed compliment?

  13. No lie, I actually did know her. She was my cousin’s roommate for a while.
    Not that she’s special to know, but it’s the fact that she was on a tv show, of course.

  14. i lover her silicon boobies :O

  15. Nobody’s pointing out the fake dimple? And it’s on the wrong side in the tat?

  16. @Jessi, don’t worry about MsAnne, he’s just stroppy because his copy of ‘sanctimonious middle class hypocrite weekly’ hasn’t arrived on time. If you want a real laugh, click on his logo and read through the endless pages of holier-than-thou tripe.

  17. She was on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Therefore, a dumb bitch.

  18. Msanne gets very jealous when she sees other people being called beautiful, it reminds her that she looks like a troll that’s been smacked in the face with a shovel daily since birth. Just humour her and she’ll shut the fuck up eventually.

  19. hah. good luck with that, little girl.

    It’s hunting season. Again. Still.
    and thanks for reading my blog, DanR(ectum)!

  20. why would I ever go anywhere else when all you sad, dull bitches are here for me to punch?

    I don’t eat meat, I still need (your) blood.

  21. Hah, I thought people were joking about the rock of love thing, but a quick google of britanya and rock of love confirms it.
    @gungalunga Turns out she has those dimples on both sides

    @peepeehead that symbol means you’ve locked the aspect rotation on your iPhone

  22. To all of the internet princes out there defending this girl as others call her a slut and questioning why her boob size has to do with her sluttiness…. She has big fake cans, they are not genetic, and I agree with calling someone a bit of a slut because of that (or just from knowing she was a media slut pretending to be in love with Bret Michaels for a reality show)

    If you are already attractive and don’t have self esteem issues, don’t have size -A boobs and you get a boob job… you aren’t a whore, but you are wearing a whore’s outfit. You want everyone who sees you to stare at you, and that’s a bit sluttish. Like the juiced out guido at the dance club with his shirt ripped off so everyone can see his abs, you a ho

  23. ^oh, shut the fuck up and fuck off back to 1950 with your sanctimonious christian morality bullshit, analgapist.

    No one gives a fuck about your sad, virginal proselytizing. except the other whiny, sexless, cunts.

  24. Actually I think you have a point about the drug/pharm lobby, and I enjoyed the cartoon of the little balloon man and his uppers…but for the same reason you just can’t defend weed on the same blog! I’ve toked daily for 17 years, and I assure you that ALL of the wacko symptoms listed at the end of that cartoon can be divined from smoking weed for long enough it alters your brain chemistry. Trust me, I wish I never started.

    *Awaits thumbs down from those who have toked less than 7 years*

  25. Pfft. Some people can’t handle caffeine either. Or gluten. Or dairy.
    Just because a small group of people are adversely affected by an ingredient or chemical is no reason to outlaw it for the rest of the responsible, rational adult population.

    Also, consuming many things on a daily basis for 17 years, whether it’s red meat, oil-rich fish, white bread or Oreos is going to have a detrimental effect to your health. Moderation, dude.

    If it’s not good for you personally, just stop.

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