Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heating Up

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  1. First first.

  2. I’d take their temperature with my meat thermometer!

  3. Hey look, I can see these chicks’ faces.

  4. It’s ok, the poop smear will blur them out

  5. Probably not their first time going A->T->M

  6. If that’s what their asses look like, they must have beautiful faces.

  7. And beautiful feces too.

  8. in this thread; – a gaggle of sad fat forever aloners leering and making illegal,grotesquely sexual comments about girls who look 14 years old.

    I’m not a fan of internet censorshit, but when you fucking halfwits get your doors kicked in by some anti-pedophile taskforce, I’ll be sure and tell them how you love raping puppies, too.

    Because fuck you.

  9. Rectal thermometers for babies look just like oral thermometers. As long as they have the plastic cover, they’re fine. Rectal thermometers for adults have a cable attached. But Johnson’s company personally tests each rectal thermometer.

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