Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey Cokehead

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  1. If you keep leaving your drugs without supervision, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Snort it, Kevin. If it’s real, score. If it’s not, well, at you’ll know the truth. Either way, no loss and no harm done.

  3. Its just some nice person spreading the Christmas cheer!
    Get er in ya!

  4. Nice lint line ya got there. To hell with blowing your nose, suck it up in there. Make it come to you.

  5. That could be anything made to look like a line. Fuck you!

  6. This is how Steeeever makes his sexual living. Getting’ all caught up in the snow and BAM, Steeever is up in ya.

  7. Looks like somebody likes to party!

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  9. The Beast Among Us

    Looks like Kevin is mad because he wasn’t invited to the party.

  10. Chances are that it really IS Vim.

  11. Looking at the white dust around it – which is probably the same substance – I don’t think that’s coke. Also, who would rack a line and then just leave it?

  12. what Nicole responded I didnt even know that a single mom able to profit $5962 in 1 month on the internet. look at this now… T­E­C­8­­0.C­O­M

  13. The Beast Among Us

    @11 – Someone who almost got caught.

  14. BorderlineDane

    stupid..its a present to brighten your day

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