Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Historically Dumb

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  1. Luckily, the directions for ‘how to breathe’ are tattooed on the inside of her wrist.

  2. Samantha Blows Goats.

  3. Is that really lucky?

  4. ^ For her and her over-protective and under-demanding mother, I suppose. For the rest of us, well you have a case.

  5. The only way this girl is getting through school is if she is blowing her teachers.

  6. Luckily the directions for that are the same as breathing, and the tattoo works for both.

  7. Hey Sam, are you American by any chance?

  8. Americans don’t call their mothers “mum.”

  9. You can’t really blame Samantha. She seems quite young and still dependant on her teachers and her parents to guide her in the ways of general knowledge.

  10. Come on people, don’t be so judgemental. For all you know, Samantha is a mentally deficient, 10 year old growing up deep in the jungles of Brazil.

  11. but the jews did kill the nazis.

    who won the fucking war?

  12. Samantha’s father would be even more disgusted if he learned that she’d announced her retardation to all her friends on Facebook.

    Alternatively, it’s a made-up status, designed to induce rage in all who view it.

  13. How dare you, msanne! Sir Winston Churchill was most certainly not jewish.

  14. ^his mother, on the other hand…

  15. This is only acceptable if she is 3 or younger.

  16. ^no it isn’t. what the fuck is a toddler doing on fæcebook?
    I mean, apart from radically boosting the median intelligence?


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  19. Interesting how Sam proudly concludes ‘this is why I don’t do history’, as if her profound ignorance is innate (which in her case is possibly so).

    I would assert that the reason Sam doesn’t ‘do’ history, is precisely because she *doesn’t* do history.

    Also because she’s a dumb vacuous bitch with no ambitions beyond wearing makeup.

  20. ^yet, she’s still more likeable than you, Ruth.

  21. I bet this chick is hot as fuck

  22. ^she’d have to be. otherwise she’d have been ‘accidentally’ left out in the snow years ago.

  23. BorderlineDane

    she should have stayed a twinkle in her fathers eye and then ended on the sheet

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