Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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  1. How much for a happy ending?

  2. Whatever the relevance of her name (and who’s to say it didn’t come from her husband) she used to have a salon membership so thought it was a good idea once. Can’t fault Exectan for trying.

  3. This Garcia person is a racist. Not everyone with the last name of Garcia is darker skinned. At least Expectan didn’t make racial assumptions.

  4. *Exectan. Fanned phone.

  5. *Damned.

  6. She must be lonely, to spend all that time conversing with Exectan instead of just ignoring it. I’m sure if she ignored them they would have just gone away.

  7. God, 4 days away from Lamebook (most sane 4 days yet this year), and this is the shit I come back to? Well, here’s to hoping the next lame posts aren’t so… lame. And the comments. Y’all suck.

  8. Haha @9. The first funny thing you’ve said.

  9. Yes Noobsauce, truly hilarious in fact, outstandingly comedic! By the way, how did your lobotomy go?

  10. The last part made it funny.

  11. Yeah, why get all butthurt over something that’s for free.

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