Monday, June 18, 2012

It is that Simple…

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  1. only a suggestion.
    Buy a Playboy and a Playgirl and after a month or so; see which one is still in your house.

  2. May I interject here? If I may, isn’t *that* what the internet is for Mutley? deviant pornography? Kinda makes me want to break out in song and dance, but I’ll spare you the horror 😀

  3. You’re right, Bacchante. Actually, the age is about right, and that’s it.

  4. Oh dear… I hate to say it, but I do think MsAnne’s detractors are quite right – whilst intelligent people do not shy away from rude words, they tend to avoid such unnecessary and frequent repetition. As someone who has given up attempts to not swear in front of elders, parents, professors etc, I am no stranger to frequent cussing. However, I can recognise gratuitous and unnecessary swearing when I see it – that’s when you deliberately use words in an attempt to get a reaction, (as opposed to them just slipping out because they are ingrained in your vocabulary) which clearly works, but is not all that smart.

    Once upon a time your comments may have been clever, now after god knows how long on this site (do you actually comment on everything? I know it seems that way!) your comments are little more than angry witless rants.

    My suggestion MsAnne, is that you take a break, of at least a month, preferably longer, in an attempt to gain some new words and to escape the trap of constant rehashing of the same tired old comments that you seem to have fallen into.

    Incidentally, calling someone fat when you cant actually see them is never clever, nor are any other appearance related insults.

  5. ^drowning out the signal with 4 paragraphs of your unnecessary fucking noise is unlikely to win friends nor influence any cunt.

    just sayin’.

  6. ^Maya’s a fatty, Ms. All the signs are there.

  7. My Mom wants to have you all over for dinner. Who’s in?

  8. Count me in.

  9. @57 What time? I miss her.

  10. Mom is pretty much always ready for company. You all seem so nice and caring, figured getting everyone together would be a great idea. @Nails, Mom just queefed….so, I guess she sends her love?

  11. Fine, i’ll say it in two lines:

    You do not come across as funny anymore, just angry and bitter. Stop coming on every day, it is not good for your health.

    P.s. Pretty sure that is a grammatically incorrect use of nor.

  12. ^I’ll make it even fucking briefer.

  13. yo, hackshit? I’m in. Love your mum, she’s fucking awesome. Shall I bring anything? Tell her I just picked up 6 bottles of The Grange last week.

  14. I hope your Dad doesn’t feel neglected, hackinyoshit.
    All this attention for your Mom, you know…

    Tell him I still have that mark on my areola, and I think of him often xox

  15. You got fucking owned msanne. I hope you take your bleeding asshole the fuck out of here.

  16. ^really? if you say so?
    what is the emoticon for utter, utter contempt?

  17. Holy shit. Did anyone else skim the comments?

  18. MsAnne, I hope you learnt something here?

  19. not really. it was already painfully obvious that you’re a stupid cunt. and that sometimes other stupid cunts stray in here, too.

    big fucking surprise, asshole.

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