Thursday, December 10, 2009

History Lesson


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  1. Sensible Madness…
    thank you for clarifying.
    Just so you know, your drawn out post was not a complete waste of effort. I read your message in it’s entirety and it was actually enlightening in a way. You see…I had intended to post something about the Civil War NOT being about slavery, but then I read your comment and I actually have to agree with you.

  2. Nah…. you were right dreamingawake….. it was not about slavery. Slavery was just a good way to stir things up and help to set white folks against each other. The same tactics (make it seem like a religious issue instead of a financial one) are still being used in war today.

  3. Well….in her defense..there’s no studying on the plantation

  4. LOL @emanresu
    that comment was win =p

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