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  1. lostintranslation

    Miley Cyrus is the new breathalyzer?

  2. Well… If you’re old enough to drive, and still listen to Miley Cyrus,
    You’re probably drunk. Kudos to the cop for making the connection!

  3. I listen to Miley when I’m sloshed… And I’m 23… *Raising Eyebrow Here*

  4. I don’t know what’s worse, No shame about the DWI or no shame for listening to Miley and confessing to both on FB.

  5. I can feel SeeBea’s scorching look of judgement upon my comment… 🙁

    Sadly, I had to confess…

  6. Svetlana, I think SeaBea was talking about the lamebook post… although the same does apply to you! 😉

  7. Indeed, I do, now and then, actually post to the topic at hand.
    Is it a sin if I listen to Michael Buble’ whilst “sloshed”?

  8. So KOT only exists at Baylor…and all the KOTs promote dry parties to suck up to the baptist powers-that-be. I bet that dude got drunk in his closet. Not surprised at all he was jamming to Miley Cyrus, what a douche.

  9. You FUCKING IDIOT. People die because of assholes like you that drink and drive.

    SeeBea, I like to obnoxiously sing Michael Buble songs when I’m “sloshed”, definitely not a sin.

  10. Drinking and driving is a crime ? whhhoooah good job I only smoke heroin before going out driving…

  11. I didn’t know fans of Miley Cyrus are so big and tough nowadays that they laugh their way into the slammer. O my godddddd.

  12. LOL I could picture this 🙂

  13. I bet he failed the field sobriety test because he kept noddin’ his head like yeah and movin’ his hips like yeah when the cop told him to walk a straight line, so he kept falling on his ass.

    Now all of us will have that song stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

  14. It could’ve been worse.. He might have been listening to Billy Ray Cyrus.

  15. Don’t drink and drive, you might spill your drink.

  16. if Miley was of age, I would do her very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  17. “Wreaked of beer”-interesting Freudian slip.

  18. Sensible madness… what song? Have you tried to be clever and get lyrics/ a tune stuck in peoples heads?

    I am not affected, Sorry. I listen to good music. Miley Cyrus does not fall under this category.

  19. Damn my idle curiosity – and the efficacy of google – still, the knowledge did add a big LOL to Sensible Madness’ last post. . .

    From Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.A.

    So I put my hands up
    They’re playing my song,
    And the butterflys fly away
    Noddin’ my head like yeah
    Moving my hips like yeah,
    And I got my hands up,
    They’re playin my song
    I know I’m gonna be ok
    Yeah, It’s a party in the USA
    Yeah, It’s a party in the USA

    Praying to God that I might avoid ever actually hearing it – sober at least . . .

  20. Somewhere in the US and A ,Bruce Springsteen is “headdeasking” .

  21. Playing it at all is playing it too loud.

  22. Jeeezus H Kryst! Those lyrics …

    Noddin’ my head like yeah
    Moving my hips like yeah,

    I’ll pray along with Thesaurapist to [insert deity of choice] that I never get to hear that. Fuck, no. Small wonder that teenage brains are dissolving with all this crap fed into their ears.

    Thanks for the warning Thesaurapist. Now how do you get to write in italics on this here website? Sorry, I’m a bit of a techno-luddite, but I am willing to learn something new to make up for the brain cells that just died.

  23. The Scarlet Pimple

    Blaring Miley Cyrus should be a punishable offense all on its own.

  24. haha, i had to laugh when i got pulled this one time too, i asked the cop how he decides to “randomly” stop someone for a check. he told me he might decide to pull someone if something catches his attention – in my case he noticed my hurriedly pout my seatbelt on as soon as i noticed him behind me..
    (luckily, he didn’t book me for it tho!)

  25. lmfaoooooooooooo @ Sensible Madness.

  26. @tini: yeah but I’m a guy so it’s kind of gay to sing along with Michael Buble’ drunk.

  27. Michael Buble’ makes me want to barfle’

  28. See, that’s what I mean…but I only do it when I’m drunk.

  29. @#2 PewPewPew: I just spurted coffee out of my nose!!

    I would be too embarrassed to admit i was caught listening to Silly Ray Syphilis’s daughter. What’s next? Nikki Webster or Brittney Spears? Although i do have to admit that i would sell my soul (assuming i have one) for a night with her!

  30. @Antarctic Circle
    It’s a bit like this: [i]italic[/i] but replacing the square brackets – [ ] – with less than /more than symbols.
    You can also bold – [b]bold[/b], and strike – [strike]strike[/strike]

    To be fair to Ms Cyrus, MOST pop lyrics tend to be pretty vacuous really – even including much of the good stuff. Think how much of The Beatles is just “yeah yeah, woohoohoo, and na na na”. But this particular chorus would seem to have been devised for maximum appeal to the very lowest common denominator, and would have benefited from more woooh etc to cover it’s inanity . . .

    @Insane – “Silly Ray Syphilis” – Hehehe, I will so be using that from now on!

  31. #Thesaurapist 13F: haha cheers. Also could you please (with a chocolate coated cherry on top) give us (that don’t know) a demonstration on how to use said code?

  32. @SeeBea – I do a whole tribute to Queen & Mika when I am drunk… Worse than Miley & Micheal Bublé?

  33. Queen! Oh baby come to me.

  34. LOL @ SeeBea – And yeah, it’s okay, like I’ve ever cared what anyone thinks of my sexual or musical tastes…

  35. A few days late in rejoining, but cheers Thesaurapist 13F! Good instruction, and I’m popping some knuckles in anticipation already for using some new computer skills.

    Yeah well, nobody expects pop lyrics to be shakespearian. And I don’t have problems with whoo-whoo’s and naa-na-na’s either – very often that’s just the human voice being used as an extra intrument to assist the melody, and not to convey any meaning. But as someone to whom writing is a bit of a passion (not here on lamebook though!) it hurts to see minor-talented kids earning huge amounts of money via kindergarten-level lyrics. Then again, 99.9% of teen ears probably don’t give a damn about the lyrics!

    Now to see if my italics-effort worked…

  36. ii

  37. ok test number two

  38. i

  39. what’s “lame” about this exactly? it’s kind of funny.

  40. “Lamebook, the funniest and lamest of Facebook.”

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