Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Wins

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  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. that said…i dont get the first one…or the second one. can someone explain?

  3. candidcamera — I don’t get #1 either, but for #2 — He probably thought his friends were going to tell him to make his resolution “stop being ginger”.

  4. ah i gotcha

  5. He can stop being ginger. Dye his hair?

    First one, I’m guessing they weren’t supposed to know of Jesus?

  6. 1. Christmas was not around when cavemen were present lol
    2. He’s asking can anyone give me an idea for a new years resolution but Ginger can’t be one of them haha

    It’s simple…..

  7. ^ What they said. The Flinstones’ time was before Jesus.

  8. eh…still not the lamest in the world…it IS a cartoon

  9. Yep, agree with you there

  10. you can make anything you want in a cartoon. cavemen also didn have pet dinosaurs or jobs or bowling alleys or buildings…you get my drift.

  11. or cars that were powered by their feet

  12. Wait, are you guys telling me that cavemen didn’t have pterodactyl record players either?

  13. disappointing isn’t it, Comments?

  14. Candid, it’s fucking tragic. I feel so mislead.

  15. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Wait! WAIT!! Logic just gave me a thought. What if the cave men tied two Saber tooth tigers foot to foot in each of their 4 wheel wells. That should provide them with levitation because cats never land on their backs. Now all they need is propulsion which they can easily achieve by moving their feet below the car as if they are wanking. Sorry, that should be walking.

  16. smoothy…you win in my book

  17. @wiffles he would still be a ginger. You can dye your hair, sure, but you can’t dye freckles or pasty skin. Correct me if I’m wrong, but pales have a very hard time tanning. Either they get burnt, or, they just can’t get a tan.

    I happen to be pretty pale, and it’s taking a long time for me to get darker. I have succeeded some.

    Awesome posts. 🙂

  18. i have freckles and pasty skin but im not a ginger 🙁

  19. .. he could sand blast his face?

  20. I agree with mass. And if he had been trying hard enough to not be a Ginger he too would have thought of it…and the result would have been…well…no face. But maybe that wouldn’t have been a real loss? In the profile pic her really is mostly displaying the hair and not too much of the face….

  21. …thanks blonde, I seldom get agreed with. I seldom get a lot of things.

    Ok LB bring on the funny…by the time I get back I should be loaded.

  22. I’m generally against body alterations, but one exception to that is for gingers. I fully support any ginger who wishes to dye his or her hair and who occasionally has a bath in a vat of fake tan.

    I am also pro boob jobs, liposuction, Botox, male circumcision, face lift, exercise, and baby clit piercings.

  23. So, not against body alterations at all, then.

  24. You know, he didn’t mention anything about organ donations. I’ll bet he opposed those.

  25. Ugh.

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