Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Holy Shart

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  1. If he keeps going to churches like that, it’s his own fault if he gets raped!

  2. My best drinking story would be too long and nobody would read it.

  3. Nobody cares about your stupid fucking drinking story, nothing to do with how long it is.

  4. Tell the drinking story, Carib!

  5. Noobsauce doesn’t want me to tell it because he ended up getting raped by Steeeever that night. I’ve got it on video, it happened. But to explain how it all went down would be too long.

  6. And according to StupidDane, it was Noobsause’s own fault he got raped.

  7. K.C.C.O.
    And Mind The Crap.

  8. Did they swap the question mark and exclamation point on purpose?

  9. ^ we’ll never know. Good rhetorical question though?!

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