Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hot Shit

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  1. sack up and fight the power nancy

    So jesse farted and she went, ew that weird guy farted over here, and got on with her life meanwhile jesse is contemplating whether his act was genius or heroic. and will enshrine his deed for men to see the legend that is crop dusting jesse. man what a way to show someone what’s what.

  2. It’s only hot shit if he sharted.

    You know she won’t be Jesse’s girl.

  3. Yes, how dare an attractive woman have good self-esteem? She needs to be put in her place by a guy who can’t think of anything more inventive than farting & poop humor. Idiot.

  4. ^ Not only did she have good self-esteem, but she obviously didn’t immediately open her legs for one of the seven guys who approached her in 20 minutes! How dare she? It’s almost like she was at the gym to work out instead of getting a date!

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