Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  1. Boring!!!!

  2. First!!

    AhahHahahahaa!! Yeah bitches! Get some!!!!!!

  3. Second!!

  4. First.

  5. Your 4th dickwad.

  6. I love my fourth dickwad, and I always look for a way to bring it into conversations, so thank you Mr. Sobchak.
    Anyways, I love my 4th dickwad. Most people only have one. But I have 4. My first and second and third are chill, but the fourth one is where it’s at.

    Did I just overkill that joke? I think I did.

  7. ^^ Uh… You’re second? Dickwad.

  8. I was 5th pricklicker.

    #2 wasn’t me.

  9. Who was it then, cumguzzler?

  10. Yes.

  11. I had sex with Osama. He might have been buried in my cave, but he still knew how to get in touch with the head of operational deployment.

  12. Ben.

  13. Dover.

  14. The reason they’re reporting about Bin Laden’s supposed homosexual tendencies, of course, is to spread anti-gay sentiment during Pride month. Sad.

  15. Oh, see I thought they were doing it to make fun of anti-gay muslims by saying that Bin Laden might be a murderer but at least he isn’t anti-gay.

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