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  1. oreos are nasty little fucks. I boycotted the vile things shortly after tasting them.
    fucking chemical muck.
    the ones the sell in ausfailure are made in china and nothing on the ingredients list is actually food. if I see people give them to their poor kids, I insult them right to their stupid, fat faces.

  2. Dawn of the Dan

    Oreos aren’t that bad. They’re as good as any other food made by the billion-per-year. I don’t go out of my way to get them, but if they’re out at a party or whatever, they’ll do.
    They have to be double-stuffed, though.

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    And my BMI is 21.6, to counter the inevitable “you’re fat” comeback.

  4. What’s your address, Dawn of the Dan? I’ll send you some Tim Tams.
    Now THAT’S a real biscuit!

  5. TIM TAMS!
    Love those stupid things.

  6. what kind of fucked-up ‘party’ serves oreos? down at the trailer park for little DeShawn’s 7th birthday bash?
    proper parties serve tequila and lemon wedges.
    and bucket bongs.

  7. Will this zombie shit end already? Modern kids like to reuse a joke don’t they, fucking self entitled morons.

  8. also, Dawn of the Dan? just because you’re not fat, doesn’t mean that the chemical bullshit you shovel into your slack-jawed throat aint going to eat you out with cancer and destroy your heart, motherfucker.

  9. Fake.

  10. I don’t get the first one, and I don’t care to.

    Agreed, oreos taste like shit.

    Emma is trying way too hard at being funny.

  11. Angry today Anne? Remembering what a long, unproductive, and unfulfilling life you’ve had? Bald patch getting worse? Erection prpblems?

  12. Dawn of the Dan

    A bag of TimTams says I live longer than you, Thrope.

  13. ^you’re not worth a packet of Tim Tams.

  14. I saw Anderson Cooper eating skittles a few weeks ago….I am just now getting the irony….

    WTF is up with these posts…all of them have been horrific.

    And what happened to fag boy and his XBOX. It’s no longer accessible…such bullshit

  15. Double-Dan likes it Double-Stuffed.

  16. I would like to beat Emma to death with a hard cover copy of all 3 volumes of Lord Of The Rings plus The Hobbit.

  17. Fuck you all.Tim tams are good but I’d personally send dawn a pack of iced vovos.

  18. renketsuwarrior

    Oreos are gobbing. Never heard of Tim Tams, someone send me some. UK sucks when it comes to biscuits.

  19. I reckOn herpe likes it double stuffed. With teeko and noodlycunt

  20. I like Oreos but rarely eat them because I get them all over my teeth. I want to go to MsAnneThrope’s next party. Sounds fun!

  21. @19 damage: You made a funny.

  22. #19: damagecontrol, I reckon everything you know about sex was learned on Pornhub etc. Because in real life people find you socially awkward and unhygienic. Amiright?

  23. ^Is not a case of herpes socially awkward and unhygienic? Clearly, you are fake.

  24. #23: Almost correct T1000, but you, along with some of the other undesirables here, have exhibited a kind of Freudian error of sight. Instead of reading the word ‘Herp’ your struggling brain replaced it with a word altogether more familiar and significant to you. In this case ‘Herpes’, which you will recognise as one of the diseases you acquired when fucking members of your own family and livestock.

    AnneThrope, this also explains your spelling errors. You’re welcome.

  25. ^ So ‘Herp’ isn’t just the singular of ‘Herpes’? As in, “My head is one giant Herp.”

    Weird. Better go back to… WAIT!! There it is! The source of all words’ meanings proves me right once again!

    From Urban Dictionary:

    Short slang for a herpies infected individual.
    i.e.: Dude, does she have herp?

  26. so with that being said you are officially undesirable by both male and female…. where does that leave you?

  27. Uhhh, me? Damn, and my girlfriend says she loves me. 🙁
    Thanks. Dick.

  28. I am a cybernetic organism. I cannot contract diseases.

  29. sorry nails. I meant that for herp ” i am not herpes” indenial. That was not intended for you mate.

    As for you T1000, no you just get a computer virus or skynet infection instead.

  30. I figured.

  31. I want to punch Emma in the face. Bet she didn’t even touch any of the books, neither The Hobbit nor The Lord of the Rings.

  32. ^ oh my god dude, what the fuck is that nyan cat shit??

  33. I figured Herp was trying to play on that “herp derp” meme, but ended up making himself look silly. It’s just like the “Mensa” crowd that doesn’t realize that “mensa” is Spanish slang for “stupid girl.”

  34. ‘Herpes’ just suits her better. because she’s an irritated cunt.

  35. People named Emma are stupid. Always.

  36. ^Dare you to say that to Emma Thompson.

  37. the hobbit is a total rip off of lord of the rings

  38. Wow, reading you ”guys” comments are like Dining with my family except we pretend to love each other!

  39. And also We are not as stupid…

  40. ^ We love you, Childofmay! (10)

  41. Childofgay – You’ll probably just want to leave now… you know, before you go and start liking vaginas and all that jazz. (1)

    And you should probably learn to write/spell and make words/sentences better before you call other people stupid. Just sayin’.

  42. yay? so random Capitalization isn’t a Thing now?
    thank Fuck for small mercies.

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