Friday, April 19, 2013

Houdini Spider

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  1. hopefully it wasn’t hugh jackman.

  2. ^ Post of the week.

  3. Forget the chemicals. Smack and scrape (or slide). Swatting doesn’t always work, but spreading the spider’s guts out over a 10-inch area is sure to kill it.

    Also, perhaps your friend should now go by the name of Little Bitch.

  4. Leave the body there for a few days as a message to the other spiders.

  5. Why do women insist on killing spiders by the messiest ways possible yet refuse to remove the fucking debris it creates?

  6. ^halt your misogyny. I kill with multiple spray cleaning products. And I’m happy to use a broom or other long stick to remove it from the house.

  7. Cleaning products just piss ’em off. Nothin worse than a spidey with a vendetta

  8. Fake.

  9. probably not worth the “breaking news” if no one has commented on your post… no one cares.

  10. hannibal-lecture

    You can’t stop a Terminator.

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