Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How dare they?

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  1. My last wage was $150 working 60 hours a week on my knees. My mother’s pimp has been making even more. I couldn’t believe how easy it was once I’d conquered the gag reflex. This is what I do, suckdotcock.

  2. Good on you, rubert.

    As for the OP, I think the OPs’ children may have better literacy and maths levels than the parents, and the parents don’t like that uppity shit. Fair enough, how dare your children be better educated than you!

  3. Whoever says teachers are overpaid should have to deal with these worthless, idiot, baby creators. “Making my kid spell collage words and all”

  4. I’m guessing China ranks ahead of the US in the subject of English, as well. We probably rank somewhere around #100, especially since we have so many languages here, like Spanglish, Ebonics, l33t sp34k, txt, wHaTeVeR yOu CaLl ThIs Sh¡†, and so on.

  5. I make a living finding the best talent for various jobs and over the past 5-6 years, I’ve probably made ~130,000 Americans unemployed and moved that work to lower cost geos, mostly China. The quality improves as they’re not entitled sons of bitches like the people getting canned and they actually care to do a good job, have pride in their work, etc. Once in a while I feel guilty, but Lamebook reminds me I’m doing the right thing for humanity.

  6. ^so you’re a cunt. But a self-righteous cunt… you may remain in lamebook territory.

  7. Part of the reason Eastern countries are so far advanced is because they go to school 10-12 hours a day or more and at least 5 days a week. Our country will never go for that. I do think we can do more to teach our kids and some schools are doing well with that. My high school alma mater places high emphasis on advanced classes, and my sister and many of her friends are taking Calculus as juniors in high school and 3 or 4 AP classes. IMO, AP ought to become the standard, not only for “advanced” students.

  8. ^ How about your parents? I’m willing to bet they are involved in your education and motivation, as well. It’s not very common in this country anymore, but in the Eastern countries, your grandfather will kill your family and then commit seppuku if you get a B.

  9. something else china ranks #1 in: population. id say its far more likely that china will implode under the weight of its own peoploe before we have much to be concerned about from them.

  10. Back in Mexico pretty much everyone takes Calculus in high school. Some in their junior year, some in their senior year, depending on what they are planning on studying in college. I didn’t, though, because a bunch of lazy students went on strike for several months, and half of my senior year of high school was lost.

  11. Actually, the #1 rank for China is really only for Shanghai (only Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau were tested in China). If you exclude the fact that China appears twice in the top 10 of the PISA rankings (it’s the only top 10 country ranked that was ranked by region), then half or more (depending on the subject area) are from Europe, Oceania (New Zealand) or North America (Canada). Countries from 11-20 are almost exclusively from Europe. Most of the countries in the top 20 don’t have excessively long school days.

    Also, the numbers for the USA don’t seem to reflect the most recent (2009) tests, which is the first where China was included. The 2009 test results put the USA at #31 for maths, #23 for science and #17 for reading.

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  13. sorry to burst your bubble people, but China as a country ranks somewhere around #100. South Korea, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and the likes are consistently at the top. Shanghai and Hong Kong do excellent, which just goes to show how inconsistent the place is

  14. ^don’t bring facts to a pissing contest. they’ll just get soggy.

  15. Collage words, ffs. Granted, “découpage” is a bit tricky but a Fourth-grader should be able to handle “glue”, “scissors”, “magazine”….

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