Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Rode!

How Rode!

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  1. Gemma, what kind of “special” high school was this. Obviously they did not teach you about the English language. I’m beginning to think you’re a borderline retard.

  2. I legitimately thought “rode” was slang while reading this, but he completely lost me with the “(read in my profile…” party. The special high school? Isn’t he just talking about everyone else from his high school being “rode”?

  3. it’s rode to invite others to the herpfest without telling them it’s a herpfest

  4. what a rotard

  5. Don't feed the morons

    This ass clown rode the short bus to “specail” high school. What a jagweed!

  6. rotard good one

  7. @herpfest…dude, stop with the herpfest jokes already…THAT is beginin to sound lame, now.

  8. I can understand spelling it wrong once…but over and over and over again? what the hell is she smoking? Oh ans I was class of 07, and I’m not ‘rode’…

  9. Oh Gemma went to a special high school alright — it even had a small fleet of short buses!

  10. I just can’t even begin to fathom how this shit happens?

  11. Whoa, short bus to the special high school.

  12. I don’t mean to make you guys feel like assholes, and I don’t mean this to sound mean to Deaf people, but she writes like she’s deaf. Her ‘special’ school is probably a deaf school. English is most likely not her first, or most often used, language.

  13. I see anonymous’s point :/

  14. Agree with anonymous… lol @ ‘Sir Joel’ who corrected her spelling.

  15. being deaf makes people unable to spell correctly? i was unaware of that….

  16. What on earth is going on here?

    @anonymous: Kind of a far fetch to assume she’s deaf just because of the word ‘special’, don’t you think? I agree with shanemanic. Really don’t think being deaf, or not having English as a first language, has anything to do with spelling.

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