Monday, June 15, 2009

Say it Don’t Gay it

Say it Don't Gay it

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  1. Aiden and Daniel sound like they’ve been to the same herpfest

  2. *Aidan

  3. so..they prly slept with one another

  4. someone is having a lovefight…

  5. Lovin’ that pirate language…

  6. the pirate translation is the lame part

  7. Honey, can you handle me the dildo please, I need to beat my ex-boyfriend?
    tahnk u dear!

  8. Good to know SOMEONE out there uses the Pirate language.

  9. facebook stalking = homosexuality? Oh, OK.

  10. I hate it when people wont stop desciminating against gay ppl.

  11. If only I were black – then I’d be so much cooler.

  12. i appreciate the pirate language.

  13. what daniel didn’t realize is he meant raper…

  14. Acutally, the word you’re looking for, if you’re trying to be correct, is “rapist”.

  15. PIRATE

  16. The Scarlet Pimple

    God DAMN am I sick of this pirate nonsense.
    Also, @Mischa? @thatguy was obviously making a pretty funny play on “also you’re the one that tagged me as a rapper.”

  17. I would love this more if a random had butted in with:

    3. You’re the one stalking Matthew and me.*

  18. I wish the two of them would just fuck and get it over with.

  19. @notDAHLIA
    ARRRGGHH!!! Mateys be pirating the seas o’ facebook searching for the fabled fails!

    I wish I was a pirate, a proper one with a galleon & long nines, not a broke ass somalian with a row boat and an AK!

  20. @ Nugget
    I believe Matthew and I is infact correct.

  21. @ Ho Fo Sho: Matthew and me is correct. I is only used when “I” is the subject of the sentence. In this case, the “I” refers to the person being stalked, not the one doing the stalking, and therefore it is the object, not subject.

  22. Oh p.s. it’s ‘in fact’ (two words), if we’re going to be picky.

  23. I think I might know one of these people >.<'

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