Monday, June 15, 2009

Privates Message

Privates Message

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  1. moron.

  2. Fail.

  3. you fail at life


  5. owwwww…laughing that hard hurts…

  6. Epic fail!

  7. Ooooooh SNAP!

  8. The idiot loaded it up himself (there’s a little cross where he can delete comments..) this is not funny. it’s not even lame. it’s riduculous.

  9. Leandri – The idiot is the original poster for inadvertently posting a message as a status update, not the guy who commented and then submitted this.

  10. @Leandri…. You can ALSO delete the comment you wrote on someone’s status… it looks like the person who uploaded onto this site was the commenter, idiot.

  11. Why have Lamebook blurred out all of their names, rather than just the last name like they usually do?? Just wondering…

  12. Kathleen – I believe this was blurred by the submitter – the pixel size is bigger than the standard LB one.

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